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Magic Lantern Festival Paseo OKC

Magic Lantern Festival and Memories To Last A Lifetime

We missed the Magic Fairy Ball this year. It was in September and it completely escaped me. I was so disappointed, but happy when I learned the Magic Lantern Festival would be in late October. The festival took place on The Paseo, an historic artist colony in Oklahoma City. Art galleries invited children to create […]


treelined path 7 (1024x684)

Pictures on a Treelined Path

There’s a treelined path at the YMCA  field where my kids play soccer. I didn’t notice it until a week or so ago. It’s absolutely beautiful this time of year. You should totally go and see it before winter leaves us all cursing and hoping for an early spring. It’s located on NW 58th Street […]

Logan County Sunset

A Tree In Logan County

Robert and I took a long drive through the winding, red back roads of Logan County last night. I would really like to buy a place in the country! This patch of Oklahoma earth is near Ambriz Road. I love the lone tree in the field. It reminded me of this quote from Forrest Gump: […]


Nick Dewolf Wedding

Discover the Massive Photo Archive of Nick DeWolf

A shortened version of this post originally aired as a commentary on KOSU Radio, October 21, 2014. In 1958, a computer pioneer and physicist named Nick DeWolf took a selfie while sitting in a Barber shop in Wakefield, Massachusetts. He was 30-years-old, and already way ahead of his time. I discovered Nick in 2008 while […]


Jumping Hay Bales

Jumping Hay Bales in East Texas

“But that’s the thing about East Texas. Red dirt never quite washes out, and pine pollen is tenacious as original sin. You can leave East Texas, for Houston, for the Metroplex, for the Commonwealth, for New York, or Bonn or Tokyo or Kowloon; but you can never quite leave it behind.” ―Markham Shaw Pyle