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Technology Meets Nostalgia

Choose Your Own Adventure Books Series

Wunderverse: Interactive Stories App Will Help A New Generation Choose Adventure

It’s Turtle Tuesday! Time to talk about Generation Z and something I think kids of this generation will really dig! It’s called Wunderverse and with any luck it will provide kids (and their parents!) a whole new way to create, share and explore fun, interactive stories and adventures right on their iPads. You may recall […]

Vintage Halloween

Halloween in the Texas Panhandle, 1960s

Study Shows Generation X Parents Steal Halloween Candy From Their Kids

Generation X, you’re busted. According to a new study by the National Confectioner’s Association, Generation X parents are most likely to steal Halloween treats from their kids. Nearly 25 percent admit to the “theft.” I’m sure it all that over-parenting causing a little hyperglycemia. Your pillowcase of goodies aren’t safe, kiddies. Better hide the chocolate […]

Infographic Monday

Suburban Poverty

Suburban Poverty: The Poor Are Flocking To The ‘Burbs

I first wrote about the rising suburban ghetto and mounting suburban decay in 2011. It interests me because as a kid growing up in the 1970s, suburban living was still the ideal. Beginning in the early 1990s, however, I began to witness a shift back to the urban core in Oklahoma City. By 2000, I […]

Picture of the Day

Vintage Boy Scout Troop RIbbons

Vintage Boy Scout Troop Ribbons

These Boy Scout troop ribbons dating back to 1960 hang in the dedicated scout room at my kids’ school.  I love the years of dedication to the life of boys they symbolize. Here’s my boy scout!

Generation Z

Rainbows and mushroom clouds: We Are the generation of warriors, lovers, fighters.

16-year-old’s album is a letter to the world from Generation Z. There’s a new album out by a 16-year-old girl whose name you’ve probably never heard: Kêta Jo McCue. It’s called Generation Call and it echoes the hopes of Generation Z, a generation born in crisis. Counterpart to the Silent Generation, which was born between […]

Generation Jones

Rapunzel Castle with Topper Dawn Doll Visits

“Bridgette has turned her Rapunzel castle into a sorority house,” my husband said. “There’s a bunch of tiny Barbies passed out on the floor.” “Those aren’t Barbies,” I said. “Those are Topper Dawn Dolls. The doll of Generation Jones! Earlier this summer, I turned over the metal suitcase filled with Topper Dawn Dolls to Bridgette. […]