Generation Z

Jenn Grant

Jenn Grant, The Jennifer Chronicles

For a brief time, I did a series called The Jennifer Chronicles. I miss doing it every time I come across a Jennifer like Jenn Grant. Grant is a Generation X folk singer and songwriter that hails from Canada. She was born on Prince Edward Island in 1980. When her parents divorced at the age […]


Unspeakable Daum

Generation X Writer Meghan Daum Pens Unspeakable

Meghan Daum was recently called the Joan Didion of her generation. A leading Generation X writer, Daum was born in 1970. She’s an essayist and memoirist as well as a columnist for the Los Angeles Times. Her first collection of essays, My Misspent Youth, was a memoir of her 20s. Her new book, Unspeakable, is […]

For a brief time, I did a series called The Jennifer Chronicles. I miss doing it every time I come across a Jennifer like Jenn Grant. Grant is a Generation X folk singer and songwriter that hails from Canada. She was born on Prince Edward Island in 1980. When her parents divorced at the age […]


11th generation lincoln

11th Generation Lincoln

Ralph C Lincoln is an 11th generation Lincoln. President Abraham Lincoln is his third cousin. Talk about strong genes. The resemblance is uncanny.  


A Very 1970s Christmas

A Very 1970s Christmas exhibit targets Generation X

A Wisconsin museum exhibit will pay homage to Generation X’s Christmas memories this holiday season. “A Very 1970s Christmas,” features many favorite Generation X toys under a fake fir tree decorated with thick, gold tinsel garden. The tree sits in a living room decorated with shag carpet, a herculon couch, a Penncrest television set and […]


marble stand

Family Traditions and Saving Broken Things

I baked these pumpkin muffins this morning. They’re sitting on this old marble washstand I bought in 1992. I got it at the old Spivey’s Antique Store that used to be on May Avenue off Northwest 23rd Street here in OKC. I was married to Juliette’s dad then. In 1998, a year after she was […]

Generations-old Solution for Today’s Little Girl

Hairy Fairy Pillow Doll Tangles

Satin Pillowcase Hairy Fairy Brings Girls Tangle Free Dreams

Meet Harriet, the Hairy Fairy. She’s a little doll stuck snug inside the pocket of a pretty satin pillow case. She has quite a life story. Harriet brings tangle-free dreams to help ensure little girls have tangle-free hair. The secret is in the satin, which decreases frizzy hair tangling caused from tossing and turning while […]


More likes please

Parasite Generation

Masahiro Yamada is a Japanese sociologist (born in 1957), who coined the term Parasite Singles. It refers to people who mooch off their parents after the age of 20 and basically live a life free from responsibility and obligation. The artist  Milline Low has extended the phrase to an entire generation. She features the parasitic […]



Study: Gen Y in the Workplace

A few of the key findings in this report on Gen Y in the workplace reveal that hiring managers perceive millennials (Generation Y)  as: Narcissistic Money driven Not strong team players Do you agree with these findings? The report is the work of the Generation Y consulting firm Millennial Branding and Elance-oDesk.


The Sound

Is Generation Z a Rebellious Generation?

The Sound, a strategic research and branding agency, has created a presentation on “a rebellious generation,” Generation Z. They refer to the generation as Generation Edge. The years for Generation Z are roughly 1997 to Present. Based on their research, they believe Generation Z is more rebellious than the Millennial generation, and they are oriented […]


Population Pyramid

Population Pyramid: Where Have All The Children Gone?

Next year, 2015, will mark the halfway point in what has been called by economists as an astounding transformation. By 2060, children will be no more numerous than any other age group. This trend began in 1970 with the birth of mid-wave Gen-Xers. By broadest definition, Generation X was born between 1961 and 1981. Our […]

Snow Day

Snow Day Kids

How to Make Crayon Muffins on a Snow Day

It snowed yesterday in Oklahoma City! I can’t remember a time when it snowed this early in the season. The gold leaves on my Sully’s tree always fall too fast for me. But, I do love the snow, and I welcomed a Snow Day! We started the day with cornmeal mush. It made the children […]


Happy 45th Birthday, Sesame Street

Sesame Street is a Gen-Xer, ya’ll. Today’s the show’s 45th birthday. Middle-ager! An acquaintance of mine who is also a Facebook friend (don’t judge) created this for USA Today. She’s from Oklahoma, but recently moved to Brooklyn. Pretty talented, huh? Post by USA TODAY.

Picture of the Day

Red Leaves Fall in Logan County

Red Leaves, and thoughts on Winning and Losing

Both winning and losing are only for a season. In my life I have won and lost — people, places, things. When I was losing I was actually gaining endurance for much bigger races ahead. Here are some beautiful words from St. Paul: Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but […]


cranberry Coffee Cake

I seem to post a lot of pictures on Instagram of stuff I cook and bake, like this cranberry coffee cake. I also shared it on Facebook along with the recipe. Here it is in case you missed it. (By the way, I first shared this recipe on this blog back in 2009. My family […]


treelined path 7 (1024x684)

Pictures on a Treelined Path

There’s a treelined path at the YMCA  field where my kids play soccer. I didn’t notice it until a week or so ago. It’s absolutely beautiful this time of year. You should totally go and see it before winter leaves us all cursing and hoping for an early spring. It’s located on NW 58th Street […]

Logan County Sunset

A Tree In Logan County

Robert and I took a long drive through the winding, red back roads of Logan County last night. I would really like to buy a place in the country! This patch of Oklahoma earth is near Ambriz Road. I love the lone tree in the field. It reminded me of this quote from Forrest Gump: […]

Book Review

Maddis Fridge

Maddi’s Fridge

There are so many nuances to poverty, who could list them all? If  I could I would because I know them personally. I was raised in rural parsonages with parents who sacrificed their lives in service to others. But, it’s more complicated than that. Who wants to hear about what it’s like to only have […]

Choose Your Own Adventure Books Series

Wunderverse: Interactive Stories App Will Help A New Generation Choose Adventure

It’s Turtle Tuesday! Time to talk about Generation Z and something I think kids of this generation will really dig! It’s called Wunderverse and with any luck it will provide kids (and their parents!) a whole new way to create, share and explore fun, interactive stories and adventures right on their iPads. You may recall […]