JenX on KOSU

It’s been several months since I mentioned the JenX commentary on KOSU, so I thought I’d share some links to some recent essays. You can catch a different Jennifer every Tuesday morning around 7:35 a.m. It’s 91.7 in the Oklahoma City area and 107.5 in the Tulsa market. KOSU is a public radio station and […]

Movie: Annie for a New Generation

Homemade Annie Dresss with locket from the 1982 Annie Era.

New Generation Annie

Jennifer Wilks is an associate professor of English and African and African Diaspora Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. She’s written a piece for xojane about the upcoming remake of Little Orphan Annie starring African American child acress Quvenzhané (Kwah-Vin-Jah-Nay) Wallis. She reminds us of Carmen Jones (from the 1943 musical and 1954 […]

From The Blog Vault: Christmas Through The Generations

MUST SEE Sainsbury Chocolate Bar Christmas Ad

Grab a Kleenex. If this Christmas ad from Sainsbury doesn’t make you cry or at least put a gulp in your throat, you might not be human. The commercial is a re-enactment of events that took place on Christmas Eve 1914 when British and German soldiers reportedly ceased gunfire and celebrated the holiday with friendship […]

A Very 1970s Christmas exhibit targets Generation X

A Wisconsin museum exhibit will pay homage to Generation X’s Christmas memories this holiday season. “A Very 1970s Christmas,” features many favorite Generation X toys under a fake fir tree decorated with thick, gold tinsel garden. The tree sits in a living room decorated with shag carpet, a herculon couch, a Penncrest television set and […]

Vintage Los Angeles

Christmas in Los Angeles 1946 | via Vintage Los Angeles on Facebook I never tell anybody how much I love L.A. That is — the L.A. I remember.  I was born there in 1967 and lived there until July 1974. Over the last 35 years I’ve returned about a dozen times. During my first return […]

50 Shades of Matching Pajamas

  JC Penney Christmas Catalog 1977 | via Wishbook Penelope reminded me recently of Tolstoy’s famous opening line in Anna Karenina: Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. All the families wearing matching pajamas in the Christmas catalogs were all painstaking-happy. That’s such a Generation X thing to […]

Christmas 1976: Staten Island, New York

Mario Genna’s Flickr accountis a delightful find. It features quality photography from the 1970s. The following photos from Christmas 1976 were taken with Kodak High Speed Ektachrome Tungsten (ISO 125). They were taken in Staten Island, New York.

The innocent will triumph, and a prayer from St. Augustine

Yesterday was such a tragic day as 20 little children were killed in a mass shooting at a Connecticut elementary school. Social networks became echo chambers as sorrow upon sorrow was shared within these virtually enclosed spaces. One of the things I saw posted was an image of William Holman Hunt’s The Triumph of the […]

Christmas 1981: Big Mouth Singers

 Flickr user Leaheleaf, Christmas 1981. Photo from DroolINC on Etsy Remember the Big Mouth Singers? Me either. You must had-ta be a younger Gen Xer to have snagged one of these for Christmas.

1971: Santa’s Land, Putney, Vermont

[Generation Christmas] Santa Land in Putney, Vermont provided a lot of happy memories for at least four generations of American children who visited the Christmas theme park over the years. I would have loved this place! Unfortunately, over the years it fell into disrepair. Eventually, it disappeared from the local Chamber of Commerce brochures, and […]

Crissy Doll: Forerunner of the American Girl Doll

Beautiful Crissy Doll Before Samantha Parkington, Felicity Merriman and Mollie McIntyre, late-wave Baby Boomers and first-wave Gen Xers were loving on Crissy, Cricket, Velvet, Mia, Dina and Tressy. I bet there were a lot of these dolls given for Christmas 1969-74! source I thought all the dolls in the Crissy family were really terrific, even […]

Christmas 1968: North Bellmore, New York

This wonderful photo made shareable through the Blogger Share on Flickr by Epicharmus The little boy’s name is Tommy. This was taken on Christmas morning 1968 in North Bellmore, New York. I think that is a hamlet on Long Island. I love the pale green Jeep Wagoneer and the Bowl-A-Strike set. It’s so interesting to […]

Christmas 1968: Staten Island

95 Browning Avenue, Staten Island, NY | by Christian Montone | via Blogger Share/Flickr Photo by Christian Montone | Christmas 1968 | via Blogger Share on Flickr Given all the heartbreak on Staten Island thanks to Hurricane Sandy, this photo takes on new meaning. Look at the mom sweeping the ice rink for her daughter. […]