How To Leave A Legacy For Future Generations

Future Generations

Every spring, wild flowers spill out across the rural routes of Eastern Oklahoma County. The roads Peebly, Luther, Dobbs and my favorite, Pottawatomie, put on an awesome show of color. Purple poppy mallows and silver-leaf nightshades.  Indian paintbrushes and fringed puccoons. Sow thistles that look like giant dandelions. Rumor has it they’re loved by pigs. I love […]

Rainy Day Fun With Colored Rice

Colorful Rice Mosaic Project for Kids

If I had to advise parents, I should tell them to take great care about the people with whom their children associate. — St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Mrs. Henry was the crabbiest teacher I had. She taught 5th grade at the old East Kermit Elementary School in West Texas. I tried to find it recently, […]

Boy Troubles

tangled rainbow slinky

What we have here are boy troubles. Yep. Serious boy problems. This tangled Slinky will never walk down the stairs again. An entirely separate problem would be if you bought this thing and your house didn’t have stairs. Bwahhh! By the way, this is the prize you get at Chuck E. Cheese after your mom […]