Lean Into Jesus: Palm Sunday Devotional (Vintage Pics)

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Lean In has become the mantra of Western women who dare to ask what they might do if they weren’t afraid. But, long before Sheryl Sandberg’s book, there was Elisha Hoffman’s hymn Leaning On The Everlasting Arms. It is also about facing fears. What have I to dread, what have I to fear, Leaning on […]

Beautiful St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

Beautiful St Patricks Day Cookies

I took Sullivan and Bridgette to Ingrid’s Bakery last night for St. Patrick’s Day cookies, cream cheese hamantaschens and Turkish macaroons. I’ve been going to Ingrid’s since I was 19. That was back during the late 1980s when the placed was owned and operated by the original Ingrid. She was the wife of a U.S. Army soldier. The […]

A Nameless, Unlucky Generation

Nameless Generation

I came across an infographic recently that highlighted food culture statistics for Baby Boomers and Millennials. Much to my surprise — or not — there was zero mention of Generation X. Maybe the food industry doesn’t think we eat. I’ve been documenting silly slights like this for nearly a decade including contradictions in population and […]

You Don’t Have To Be Everything To Everybody

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Robert holds me in the last perfect peace of morning. Those moments before the sun steals the amber of porch lights and conquers the winding rum of dawn. Outside our bedroom window I hear my new neighbor clearing snow from his sidewalk. Scrap-scrape-toss. Scrape-scrape-toss. I’ve awakened to find myself and my generation a day older. […]