Test Reveals Personality Traits of Five Generations

elderly couple

Montreal, Canada (PRWEB)  August 29, 2015 — — They’ve been through the Great Depression and World War II, but you don’t hear the “G.I.” or the “Greatest” generation complaining. In fact, research by PsychTests using their Big Five Personality Test, an assessment that looks at the top five traits that form the basis of everyone’s […]

Fun Pics of Bess Motta, 80s Aerobics and the 20 Minute Workout

bess motta 20 minute work out

I spent the Summer of 1983 with Bess Motta, the 80s aerobics instructor of 20-Minute Workout fame. Every morning, Monday through Friday, I watched the show on TV and followed Bess’s high-impact exercise moves. She was gorgeous with a wild mane of dark curly hair, super fun 80s aerobics outfits and a spunky personality that […]

Dutch Saying

Turquoise House

I love to drive through the lower quarters, which is to say neighborhoods without gates and paid security. Pass codes and clickers. Salt water pools and roll offs filled with Formica countertops and laminate flooring. It’s in these parts that I find gems like this. People taking what they have and making the best of […]

This Week in Gen X: Samantha Smith Exhibit and a Snarky Snapchat Guide For Xers

Samantha Smith

Here’s the most recent content related to Generation X going around the Internet this week. In addition, I included some information about a new app to help parents keep their kids from texting and driving. But, first, the new Samantha Smith exhibit. Yesterday, was the 30th anniversary of the death of Samantha Smith. In 1983, […]