Turtle Tuesday: Generation Z

Debt Trap

Debt Trap Campaign Exposes How Debt Destroys Families

The Children’s Society of England recently launched a brilliant campaign that exposes the impact of problem debt on children. The organization wants to end its damaging effects on the whole family and has issued a report revealing 2.5 million children live in families that are behind on £4.8 billion of household bills and loan repayments. […]

Generation X

Empire Records

Empire Records Cult Classic of Late Wave Gen-Xers

When I created this map of Generation X movies from all 50 states I didn't include the now cult classic EMPIRE RECORDS. The film, which was set in Delaware, was released in 1995. It's a coming-of-age movie that follows a group of indie record store employees through the course of a day. The … [Read More...]

rosie texting

Blue Plate Special: August 29, 2014 (Generation Links)

Sometimes -- like every day -- I look at my 9-year-old son and wonder how did we go from four to nine in like three days? I snuggle with him every night while he says his prayers and lately the bed's been getting smaller and smaller! This weekend we're celebrating his birthday with a big … [Read More...]

neil howe

Generation X Has Lost Nearly 7 Million Full-Time Jobs

So many times on this blog I've written about the outlook for Generation X. Today, let's just talk about the present. Here's an excerpt from demographer and historian Neil Howe. Read the entire new series about generations on Forbes. The aggregate statistics read like the gigantic auto accident … [Read More...]

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Yoda Star Wars 80s High School

If Star Wars Was High School in the 80s

A freelance comic artist in Italy, Denis Medri, has illustrated Star Wars as if it were a 1980s TV show set at a high school. Marty McFly from Back To The Future was his inspiration for Luke while Leia is the classic 80s rocker chick. Yoda is the kind Asian coach and Kenobi teaches history […]

1990s in one picture

The 1990s In One Picture

People ask Jim to create pictures for them with Microsoft’s crude program Paint. So, Jim creates pictures with Microsoft Paint. National Geographic asked him to summarize the 1990s in one picture. He came up with this: Did he miss anything? Check out more of Jim’s work at the Jim’ll Paint It Shop.

How Kids Did the Macarena in the 1990s vs. Now

This is like a good or bad remake of Dirty Dancing depending on your generation. How kids did the Macarena in the 1990s vs. Now https://t.co/T12nBOzF49 — Vinetastic! (@Vinetastical) August 30, 2014

Birthday Boy!

Adventure boathouse birthday trampoline

What To Give A 9-Year-Old Boy For His Birthday

For my son Sullivan’s 9th birthday, I threw him an adventure party in Oklahoma City’s Boathouse District. We had a lot of fun celebrating with his friends. You can see by this picture they all showed up wearing the same amazing smile. Ha! But, the best thing we gave him for his birthday was Theoneste, […]