Shamrock Siblings

My Lucky Charms: B and J

(He loves her so much. That is, when he isn’t biting her.)

My father was very proud of his Irish heritage and his Irish surname. His father (my paternal grandfather) was half Irish and half Cherokee. My father was equally proud of being Indian.

R is half Irish and half Achumawi. This means our kids are mostly Indian and Irish, although there is quite a heritage on my mother’s side and paternal grandmother’s side as well!

As a kid I hated going to school on St. Patrick’s Day because I never had anything green to where. This meant I got pinched all day. One year, my mom made me a paper shamrock and pinned it to my shirt. This was actually worse than having no green on at all.

My husband wants to know: At what point did I stop saying,
“Well, I have GREEN underwear on!”


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