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My Kid’s Had A Halloween Art Show

Sully’s Mother’s-Day-Out Felt Pumpkin Puzzle, 2008

Sully painting modge podge on the salt dough pumpkins Juliette and I made.
Juliette had fun rolling out the dough and cutting these salt dough creations.
We ran out of time and I had to paint most of them while she was at school.

Juliette’s Pumpkin, 2008

Juliette’s Pumpkin, 2000

Juliette’s Pumpkin, 2002


Juliette’s Pumpkins, Kindergarten

Bats, Kindergarten

P.S. I bought this rack thing at a garage sale. I hung it in the
basement and use it to display artwork the kids make.

Haunted House, 2nd Grade

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  1. Le @ third on the right and cold peas

    Am sure you have been told – but Juliette shows real promise – great progression and even in her really early ones I can see total form – lovely works !

    And the wee dough thingies – ever so cute – hugs le

  2. Jennifer K

    Your kids are so amazingly creative! I love their works of art.

  3. miruspeg

    I love watching children paint, it is always a joy to behold.
    Your kids have talent, hope they continue to paint as they get older.
    Take care

  4. Poetikat

    Just look at the intense concentration in that face. Do we have that kind of focus, I wonder, or is it one of those child-characteristics that we lose with age?

    Nice art work – worthy of an exhibit in a gallery. Have you seen the film, “My Kid Could Paint That”?



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