Blue Plate Dessert: Tic Tacs and Other Generation X News

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Here are a few Generation X headlines to keep you busy over the next couple of days. Some of these are quite interesting.

The first one links to a story about the marketers of Tic Tacs zeroing in on Gen X stress. Seems we need to CHILL from our stressful days. Who told them we were stressed out? Tell me right now. Who betrayed us?

Hey, you – stop it. Quit being so America-centric. Guess who else has a new Gen X leader for the first time? New Zealand! Read Key is NZ’s first gen x leader. (We’re taking over the world!)


Here’s something you don’t see every day. The Moscow Times talking Gen X. No kidding. This article maintains that Darwinism is a live and well in Russia as Gen Y faces tough times ahead. The writer reports that they’ll have to work harder and longer hours and need to take notes from Generation X.


Here’s one from a financial publication out of New York: Generation X enters White House with Obama.


Here a great piece from Down Under: Unlocking trust issues between boomers and Gen X and Gen Y.


Here’s a link to an article by Generation Xpert, Suzanne Kart. Read The Real Secret to Marketing to Gen X. I liked this because it was short and to the point and right on the money. Good job, Suzanne!


This next article is about Gen X Internet Users’ debt vs. Gen Y’s. Here is the link. It also came with this handy-dandy chart.


They better cut it out. Gen X finally gets accustomed to their unknown-factor name and now the media is calling forth Generation O. Stop it already. Obama is an Xer. Can we just have our moment, please? Read lies from Las Vegas. hahahahaha. And, don’t tell me *this* is what they’re going to call my daughter’s generation. We have to have a Generation Z to complete the three-legged stool.


This is a fun little article from Canadian Business Online. Great writer wrote this. It’s short and clever. Me liked it. Read X, Y, Zoom . Several cool pop cultures references in this. It’s about four generations in the workforce at once.


Here’s an article in the Chicago Sun Times that asks, What Happened to the Class of ’93? This is about alternative rock like the Smashing Pumpkins.


Me has no clue what this is all about. It’s in French, there are no posts, but it looks cool, says “Generation X” and has some graphic in the background that names some VERY NOTORIOUS punk bands like the pistols. Kind of weird, but actually worth taking a split second to see. Who is that guy with the “junkies” button? Weird.

Tom, who blogs over at Boulder to London has posted a link to an article that discusses severe economic disparity among boomers. (I had no idea.) He says by now Gen X should have paid off student loans, bought a home and traveled internationally. He said we had a fighting chance, but Gen Y- not so much. Hmmm. Have to think about that one.

Here’s a post from a woman who attended some seminar where the speaker trashed Generation X (What a stupido.) So, this blogger responded with this “Xrated” post. Check it out. The last paragraph is nice!

Enjoy! And, buy some Chill.


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    @Caroline – Thank you for posting my prayer. I liked the eXcellent, too.

    @Lorrie – I can’t believe I won. I just LOVE that thing. I think I’m going to get the whole set.

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    Very much enjoying this post today! I liked the X-rated post where she says: “Let’s say that X stands for eXcellent, X-ceptional, and eXtraordinary.”

    That’s what I’m talkin’ about!

    P.S. Keep us posted about Billy…I am sending lot’s of prayers!