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Used Cars: 1959 Rambler Wagon

Rambler Station Wagon | Photo Courtesy of Dave Esmond on Flickr

Rambler Station Wagon | Photo Courtesy of Dave Esmond on Flickr

Guest Post by Billy Elliott

When dad went New Mexico in 1972, he left Mom our ’63 Rambler to get around Hacienda Heights in (to the store, to church, school…).

Well, one day it just quit, and being only 10-years-old at the time, I wasn’t exactly the diagnostic technician I’d wished I was. We didn’t have a car to get around in, and times were pretty bleak.

But, true to form, Grandpa came to the rescue! He decided that he needed to take our little ’63 Rambler Sedan up to his house for a few days to get it running again, and left us his 1959 Rambler Wagon as a loaner. (Our family was BIG into Ramblers back then). Normally, we would have been more than grateful for his generosity. The little baby blue wagon wasn’t THAT bad. Except THAT DAY…

Oh, Gawd. He showed up, having covered the original baby blue finish with AVOCADO GREEN house paint that he applied with a brush and roller!

It was hideous, and our sisters who went to high school suddenly didn’t mind WALKING to class! It would have been social suicide to arrive to school in 1972 in a ’59 Rambler painted like that. How did we ever survive junior high?

When our little white ’63 Rambler came back to us and Grandpa took home his little green wagon, we were never so proud of OUR Rambler than on that day.

My sisters even started riding to school in it, free from shame or embarrassment.

Well, almost. After all, it was STILL a RAMBLER!

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