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Cherishing My Daughter: Saint Super Bridgy

This is my little Saint Super Bridgy. Look how special she is!
The light just darts out of her and winds its way into all my dark memories.
Every love unrequited (believe me, they weren’t all romantic)
– every disappointment, big and large –
all of it fades away at the sound of her laughter.
Her little smile, cram-packed as it is with little white teeth, crashes into my universe.
I stop everything I am doing and I basque in the light of the Super Bridgy.
And, it’s not that the past is so dark,
but that her future is so bright it illuminates every fear I had that life would never be this happy. again.
As she runs across the room and I watch her dimpled legs go,
I find mercy for myself I never had before.
I see that maybe I was not all that bad
and that for all these years I’ve been viewing myself through someone else’s distorted lens.
How disastrous.
That’s not the way it’s supposed to be.
I will see myself as God sees me, and you should do the same.
And, I see that He gave me the Super Bridgy, all these years passed my youth.
She has taught me to be so much kinder to myself.
I love you, Super Bridgy. Your life has great purpose!
Gen X Blog Jennifer Chronicles

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  1. jenX67

    @poetikat – I LOVE that movie – that song. And, I love that line.

  2. jenX67

    @Debra – your post about gratitude helped me write the psot about the super bridgy. =)

  3. jenX67

    @junkdrawer – I got that PB – pottery barn – chair at a thrift store for $5 and spent $10 on a closeout/clearanced cover from PB online. I’m very happy with it, but they wouldn’t do the embroidery b/c it was on clearance. I guess not many are into black gingham but it was a match for boy’s nursery – in red gingham. don’t you love all this chick talk?? hahahahaha. you started it.

  4. Stefunkc

    Precious girl!!

  5. Poetikat

    She is SUCH a gift! I love how you say she transforms all your dark spaces. Your words remind of the song from The Sound of Music – “Something Good”

    Perhaps I had a wicked childhood,
    Perhaps I had a miserable youth,
    …but somewhere in my youth, or childhood,
    I MUST have done something good.

    Lovely thoughts for today.


  6. Debra W

    Jen, what a gorgeous post. Your pictures and your poetry touched my heart in such a wonderful way. Super Bridgy is an absolute cherub! I would have a very hard time resisting those cheeks! Yummy!

    Jen, you ARE amazing. I am glad that you are finally giving yourself the credit that you deserve.

    And you didn’t miss the deadline for my giveaway, so you are entered! I would love for you to win.


  7. junkdrawer67

    She’s beautiful.

    My daughter, Addy, has a chair just like that, except her is light green with her name embroidered on it.

  8. sarah@soulmoxie

    so beautiful!! Your writing never ceases to amaze me…

    It feels good to be back. I’ve missed you!

  9. Territory Mom


  10. ReRe

    i can’t wait to see this little person in person! she’s cute. warn her: rere will chase and cuddle you.she just can’t help herself.

  11. jenX67 – Thanks for stopping by. I haven’t seen you around these parts before. =))

    @OkieSister – Thank you!

    @Peg – I’m glad you said that – I wondered if it would bum my readers out. I never know and never want to do that.

    @Yogi – Thank you!!!! Like I said to Peg – I never know if something might be viewed as a downer. =0 Not that we have to be perpetually “up” – but you understand.

    @Le – YOU GOT IT!!!!!! I’m serious. I’m all into arranged marriages. Stats show they actually have a better chance for success. =)

    @Lin – you make me cry. Thanks for all the times you took care of me when I was little like the Super Bridgy! I see myself through your eyes, too…

    @Oklahoma Farmgirl – you can’t imagine how much I appreciate you and all the wisdom you pass along – never in that annoying way that some people have – but with so much love and compassion. You have journeyed so much farther than me. I really do listen to everything you say and take it to heart. Everything.

  12. le @ thirdontheright

    and I just realised you are blogging and loading pics about darling B on the same day I am loading pics of FB and DB …. too cool le xoxoo

  13. le @ thirdontheright

    ok jen… now this is long range planning … but please consider keeping your darling girl for my darling boy …. the babes those two would have would be super super divine …. and yes they can live in the states as girls need their mums when they become mums more than boys when they become fathers – and I would have to sell a house to fund all my trips back and forth …. hugs le xoxo

  14. Yogi♪♪♪

    She looks like a real character. Great post to read first thing in the morning. Thanks!

  15. okiesister

    What a beauty!
    They change everything; our whole outlook on life.
    What a joy to see the world through their eyes.

  16. Anonymous

    Everyone at work loved the pics of the superbrigy. She laughs so much like you.

  17. Oklahoma Farmgirl

    All your children are precious, but the pics of Super B today just melted my heart & brought a smile. She is truly a gift!!

    You are a wonderful young woman, never believe anything else! You are raising terrific little humans who will grow up to realize their true purposes because you guide when necessary & when it is time you will let them fly.

    BTW, I think one of the hardest things we learn is to see ourself through our own eyes & not the eyes of others. Turning off the dialogue in our heads is very hard. I work on this to some degree every day. Usually after I talk to my Mom LOL

    Have a fabulous day you wonderful, blessed, terrific, lovely girl!! You bring joy to my life.

    Blessed be…

  18. Lin

    What a wonderful tribute to sweet Bridgette. Her life, in deed, has tremendous purpose. I love knowing that she has brought you so much joy……….and that you can now understand how much joy you give to God – and to me.


  19. miruspeg

    Beautiful photos and beautiful words Jen……beautiful Bridgy!
    I love coming over here. Your posts light up my day.

    Bless you girl


    gorgeous pics!


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