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Barbie Dream House Updated

 A few weeks ago, I found an old Barbie Dream House at a junk store. It was in pretty sad shape – faded, chipped and cracked. It was missing windows, doors, and the signature flower boxes. Still, I thought I could transform it into something special for my girls even though one is really too old to play dolls and one not quite old enough.

Barbie Dream House Before

Barbie Dream House After

We didn’t expect it to fit so perfectly in this empty window seat.
I used old spray paint I found in the garage – something Robert picked up at the Habitat for Humanity’s junk store.
I picked up two extra cans at Hobby Lobby – aqua and hot pink. My total investment: $25.00
So, guess what?

Yesterday, Juliette got down a metal suitcase full of Topper Dawn Dolls and Barbies I bought her several years ago. She and the Super Bridgy sat on the floor and played dolls together all day long.

Juliette has great plans to decorate all the rooms. The goal is to use only the things we already have. It’s interesting to see how much more motivated children are with play when they are able to invent and create on their own. It’s also interesting how much more pride they take in things when they have a hand in creating them. Juliette, who convinced me to paint the roof aqua, seemed more excited about this dollhouse than anything I’ve ever bought her.
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  1. One Woman's Suffrage

    A little tip for Juliette…when i was younger I would collect the wallpaper samples from Wal-Mart or Lowe’s and use those to decorate rooms for my barbies.

  2. Debra W

    This is wonderful, Jen! Truly wonderful. And I owe you an email. I promise to get it to you soon. And I will be sending out your bracelet this week. Spring Break has been fun for us!


  3. April Tummins

    I love this house! The colors are so pretty. Is it in Juliette’s room? It looks great.

    Way to go frugal-gal!


  4. le @ thirdontheright

    just lovely Jen – too beautiful !!

    And as sometimes happens I have just posted on my boys and their creativity … we think alike lots – I wonder if our cycles correlate … we seem to nuture at the same time – it must be hormonal !! 🙂 hugs le
    ps and you wanted me back when I ask such silly questions …

  5. Loren Christie

    Jen, this is really great. If you and I lived closer we’d be buddies. I bought a beautiful full size handmade quilt today at my second-hand store for $30 and I thought of your garage sale finds post.

  6. Territory Mom

    I love this house. You did such a great job. I know the idea is the use stuff around the house to decorate but as a great craft for Juliette they have plastic canvas doll furniture kits. My girl is too young but I’m thinking about getting one for myself. Love, love this house.

  7. Yogi♪♪♪

    Very cool doll house. Great that your kids are playing with it so much. It looks pretty snazzy there in the window.

  8. Lin

    Bravo for you!!!! What a wonderful memory you made!!!!

    Wish I could be there to enjoy it with them!

    Love, Lin


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