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Shake Shingle Houses, Wisteria


Shake Shingle House with Wisteria

Shake Shingle House and Wisteria

I’ve been photographing rare shake shingle houses in Oklahoma City. This house is located on the edge of the Crown Heights neighborhood. The lot is huge. Unfortunately, the day is coming when someone is going to sell this lot and tear down this shingle house and earth-move all this wisteria. Forever. And, I will cry.

Most shingle houses were built between 1880 and 1900. Oklahoma City is home to very few of these homes. At least three are located in the historic bungalow community, Jefferson Park. The pad above is located on the same property as a larger, green shingled bungalow. I think it such an interesting (and tiny) little place. It looks like a mountain shack, but instead, it’s located just two miles from downtown Oklahoma City. One day I ran into the owner and he told me this structure, which backs up to an alley, was cut in half by the City of Oklahoma City’s Utility Department. They needed to gain access to the sewer and the only way to do it was to cut the house in half! It’s actually an apartment — it was then and is now.

Jefferson Park has some impressive infill projects. I admire people who buy bombed-out lots. They clear the lots of condemned structures and build new ones that complement existing homes, or they revitalize old ones. All in all, the ones who aren’t just investing, but planning on living in the structures they build or revitalize, are modern pioneers on the urban frontier.

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  1. John Hayes

    What a lovely urban oasis!

  2. Poetikat

    How beautiful! (and how sad too).


  3. jenX67

    @Beck – I would LOVE to buy this house. It’s such an amazing little place. I wonder if that corner is zoned for commercial??????? It’s not in the historic preservation district.

  4. Nadine Hightower

    I’m so jealous!! My wisteria has yet to bloom that way. It only 3 years old and it starts to and then it freezes. It comes back and then it freezes.

    And so it goes.
    My inlaws…their’s is huge!

  5. Yogi♪♪♪

    OK, for some reason I like the shingle houses a tad bit more than mid century modern.

  6. Rebecca

    I don’t know why, can’t even tell you the fragrant vine ever grew there, but Wisteria always makes me think of Pasadena, CA.

    Maybe it grew in our tiny yard or around the Bethel Nazarene Church. All I know is that when I see it, better yet, smell it, I’m instantly taken back to the days when daddy and mom were young…with so MANY dreams…

    I pray this house will be saved. Want to buy it with me?


  7. Just Be Real

    Jen, first visit here. Awesome picture. Thank you for sharing!

  8. le @ thirdontheright

    and I will cry with you – where are the preservation orders in OC planning scheme ….

  9. AVT Coach

    Hey Jen! Had a sandwich at Lee’s this week. Thought of you since it is in your neighborhood. The photo in this post is beautiful!! Have a great Palm Sunday!

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