Paseo Arts Festival

Every year, I look forward to Memorial Day Weekend because that means its Paseo Arts Festival time in Oklahoma City. The festival opened yesterday at 10 a.m. and by 11 a.m., we were hunting for a parking space four blocks away.

There is a certain authenticity to this event, and the crowd is so different. People — from babies to Baby Boomers — dress for the occasion, and by that I mean they roll out their tie-dyeds and midis.
If you’re in Oklahoma City, the free event runs through Monday. Check it out.

Family at the Paseo Arts Festival
Robert carrying Sully; Juliette and her cool green purse.
Hand carved cracked pepper grinder at the Paseo Arts Festival, Oklahoma City
Pass the salt and pepper, please. 
Child uses a glue stick inside the Creative Tent at the Paseo Arts Festival in OKC
Sully crafting
Quirky Couple at the Paseo Arts Festival
No clue what their shirts say. 
Pink Clown making balloon animals at the Paseo Arts Festival
Jaida the Clown – Find her at

Beautiful woman walks her dog at the Paseo Arts Festival

Big hair is coming back.
Festival Food Vendors at the Paseo Arts Festival
Festival Food Vendors, Paseo Arts District, OKC
Colorful Wreath of Worry Dolls from Guatemala
Love this wreath. The artist tied it to a stop sign.
Guy juggling at the Paseo Arts Festival in OKC

I bet this Generation Xer can do wonders with a hacky sack.
Outback-Jack's Australian Roadkill Grill

The Outback showed up. But Le is no where to be found.

Artwork at the Paseo Arts Festival

Left Me In Stitches (Stitch art)

Nice fan, dude.
stained glass artwork

I love all the colors of this stained glass.

Vagabonds at the arts festival


Gorgeous colorful glass artwork
Oh! The colors! I could drink them up!

Crowd in the Paseo Arts District
Baby Backpack

Colorful glass crosses

Crosses and color!

Belly Dancers in colorful orange, purple, pink and green costumes
Colorful Bellies and belly dancers!
Classy woman shops for art

Love the purse and her linen dress. The art is even better.
Young Boy plays the cello
Pulling Strings
Street vendor selling colorful umbrellas and scarves
Scarf it up.
Fair Food at the Paseo Arts Festival


Young Skateboarders

Generation Z sans the skateboards.

Whispering Meadows Winery
Paisley midi and her hair!
Ladies at the festival

To Tie Dye For
Young woman in long dress, flip flops and wearing a flower in her hair.
Love the dress. Love the flower. Love the shades.

Spanish architecture in the historic Paseo Arts District

Absolutely perfect green hat.
Child with natural curly hair

Get your diva on. This little gir’s natural curly hair is gorgeous! I dig her glasses, too.
Couple wearing doo rags
Just Doo Rag It. ACDC bag optional.
Artist paints a child face at the face painting booth at the Paseo
More tie-dye. She’s been face painting at this festival for years.

African Drummer at the Paseo Arts Festival
My favorite artists of the day. I want to hear his stories.
Guy riding a unicycle
I bet he looks forward to riding his unicycle at the festival all year. Love his spirit. See you at the Paseo Arts Festival!


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    Great photos, Jen. I love it. We have a great art fest in Salado, but it the people aren’t as eclectic. They do have great art fests in Austin, I just never like looking for parking.