blog housekeeping: this place is a pigsty

Chore #1
My RSS feed issues have been resolved and my full feed is publishing again. Many thanks to Andi for finding the solution! She really is the online go to gal. Also, special thanks to Shawn for bringing the problem to my attention.

Chore #2
At the request of dozens of one reader, I have installed the Ligit search widget, which was recently featured on Blogger Buzz. It is located on the right-hand sidebar near the bottom. I invite you to search jenx67. If you happen to find my missing lottery ticket or silver hoop earring, will let me know?

Chore #3
Will you take a moment to vote in my poll? You can locate it on the right-hand sidebar. Let me know what you think!

Chore #4
Recently, a reader, The Muffin Man, informed me that the font color on my links was difficult to read. I selected a lighter shade of gray. I hope this helps.

Finally, I really appreciate the feedback about Ligit and my feed and design issues, etc. I welcome your feedback at all times, and certainly, if you’d like feedback from me on something, let me know.


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    @MUFFIN MAN – I changed it back to blue. I agree – it was still hard for me to see. I appreciate your feedback. You’re not being picky. I have a thick skin anyway, dear. =)

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    Hey Aunt Jen!

    I hate to be picky, and maybe it is the web dev/designer in me, but I really don’t see any difference in your links.

    I did however notice that there is an optical illusion of the links looking a LOT darker in the body of your posts due to their position right next to bright white text.

    I took a screenshot of your blog here:

    The links in Chore #1 look a LOT darker to me than say the link for “4 comments” by itself down at the very bottom.

    The link color causes a break in my flow of reading as I have to focus on the links to read them.


    Like I said… I am probably nit picking… but if you are really trying to “spruce it up”, there is my 2 copper.

    You blog is still one of my favs!

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    @DADDY FOREVER – I never thought about that – music already playing. Great point!

    @SHAWN – Thank you, again!!!! That partial feed was so ugly, too. =/