5 great posts of the week [10.3.09]

One Small Step for Mom, One Giant Leap for Daughter. This is about a daughter tending to her mother after a mastectomy. Excellent writing.

Joys of Social Networking. The people in this picture were friends of mine in college. Seeing their picture made me happy! Jim is also a fantastic photographer.

There is a great Generation X meme going around right now, which was created by the delightful Maddie Grant, an association management leader from Washington D.C. (Anyone who makes reference to Soylent Green and Generation X is getting a fair portion of any and all future lottery winnings.) I haven’t crafted my response to Maddie’s question yet, Has Generation X Sold Out? Quite a few bloggers have participated in this meme and I’m trying to keep track of all the responses. Eventually, I’ll post a link to them all. Here is one I especially liked by Ben Stone. If you participate in the meme, will you let me know? Like I said, I eventually will write my post. I’m so slow with these things sometimes. The bottom line for me is, yes, unequivocally I sold out. But, more on that later including what’s great about selling out and what’s not so great about it.

Finally, two bloggers wished me a happy birthday on their blogs! (How could they not be among my favorite posts of the week?) A Gathering of Thoughts and Misadventures with Andi.


  1. says

    Happy belated birthday, dear one! May the coming year bring you health, joy and lots of miracles. I wish that I could sit down and share some birthday cake with one of my favorite kindred spirits! I hope that it was a wonderful one!

    Hugs and love,

  2. Ben Stone says

    Thanks for the shout out Jen.

    Each time you kick the can down the road on your own Gen X sell out post I get a little more eager to read it. Aren’t you are a clever one! It did open up a lot of inner workings type stuff that I hadn’t thought openly about it quite awhile.