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Oklahoma Pumpkin Patch

Robert took off work yesterday and we made our annual trip to TG Farms in Tuttle, an Oklahoma pumpkin patch. It’s located about 20 minutes south of our home in Oklahoma City. I always gasp at having to pay $8 each for admission to the pumpkin patch. That is, until the kids go crazy running through the cornfiled maze; feeding ponies and goats; jumping on bales of hay and finally picking a pumpkin from the field of choices.

The kids were also really happy to have this extra time with Daddy. Robert is very busy these days working fulltime and taking both government and tax accounting. The whole day was a rare treat.

Here are a few pictures from our Oklahoma Pumpkin patch trip!

The beautiful Oklahoma sky.

Boys beware. I own a gun and know how to shoot.

If I’d known my kids’ personalities before they were born, I would have bought a farm.

If I’d known this shirt of Robert’s was so comfortable, I would have stolen it a long time ago. Ha!

Have you ever been an Oklahoma pumpkin patch or a similar place where you live?

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  1. Anonymous

    Jen, Camilla and Isaac loved the pics you took of the kids. Rob

  2. Jennifer K

    Lovely pictures of a lovely family. I haven’t been to a pumpkin patch/farm since I was a kid.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Jen–

    What a beautiful day! Makes me wish I was a kid again. Well– I guess you could say I am embarking on my second childhood. An visit to the “Pumpkin Patch” is worthy of the young and old. What fun!

    Juliette is beautiful. Bridgy adorable. Sully, a handsome lad, has a twinkle in his eyes like my dad. You and Rob look like doting parents. (Which you are)

    Happy Day!

    Love you– Mom

  4. Lance

    Hi Jen,
    What great pictures of your family! And really, what a fun day – just look at all the smiles! There is something about visiting a pumpkin patch that is so fun!


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