five great posts [10.17.09]

The Interview by LisB. If you only have time for one on this list, this is it. It’s an essay with a tender, compelling hum, perhaps more so because it resonates so with me. It’s about a Generation X woman who is returning to the workforce after being away. I really love her description of Manhattan, and putting on and pulling off the suit.

For all you Gen Jones leaning Xers I give you A Room of One’s Own. I link to Kat frequently, and both her blogs have been on my blog roll from almost day one. I just really like this Canadian poet and Xer Gen Joneser. This post is about her childhood bedroom. Charming, happy, real.

In the past, I’ve linked to the Australian blogger, Le, several times, but I haven’t in awhile. Le did something so incredibly wonderful for me some weeks back. I am still trying to find the words to adequately write about her generosity. Sometimes, it takes me so long. What I love about Le’s posts is the glimpse into the life of a female Aussie CEO, wife to a Boomer and mum to two young boys. Le’s my age. Lots in common despite the oceans and whoop-whoop that separate us. Her latest post is, as they say in Oklahoma, a hoot!

This next post about Seventeen Magazine was written by my very own sis. Becky is a very talented fine crafter and artist. She has an eBay business, Etsy shop and retail Web site connected to her blog, and recently opened a space inside an antique mall in Oklahoma City! The title of her post is hilarious: Seventeen Magazine: Sweet – but those pointy bras must go. Check it out!

I hope this next blogger doesn’t mind me linking to his blog! Shawn is a Gen X single dad here in Oklahoma City. He is so devoted to his girls! I wanted to make you all aware of his blog, especially those of you in Oklahoma. His most recent post is about tacos and cuppies. The one that follows it is (big. deep. breath.) about his daughter’s first sort-of date. God bless you, Shawn! We’re all just a step behind you with that!

Enjoy the Blogosphere, and as always, if I missed your great post, will you let me know?