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Bill’s Last Halloween, 1975

There is something really special about this photo. Like almost all of the photos I’m posting during my virtual Generation X Halloween Carnival, I found this one on Flickr. I’m guessing it was posted by this boy’s mom or dad. They titled it “Bill’s Last Halloween.” I love the orange sky and the Kentucky street he’s standing on. This was taken in 1975, and beloved Bill is holding the proverbial pillowcase.

What do you remember about the last time you went Trick-or-Treating as a kid?

photo via flickr by Wallyum
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  1. Yogi♪♪♪

    The last time I went trick or treating was in 1967 in Price, Utah. I was in 6th grade. We had the run of the whole town.

    By the following year we had moved to Eagar, Arizona out in country side. Being in the country we couldn’t go door to door and being in the 7th grade it wasn’t cool.

    I love trick or treating now with Son!

  2. Baloney

    I love your Halloween posts!
    I think I was in 8th grade the last time I trick or treated and we got lots of dirty looks from the candy givers. Guess we were too big even if we didn’t want to be! I don’t even remember what we dressed up as but we were in some random neighborhood and my friend’s mom drove us.
    We dressed up in high school every year though!

  3. Rebecca

    Jen…I don’t remember my last Trick or Treat Halloween. As we grew older it became less special and the costumes were few… 🙁

    The LAST TIME I dressed up for Halloween was when I worked at McD’s in Colorado Springs. It was my senior year in HS and I dressed up as a black cat for WORK! I’m afraid I looked more like a cocktail waitress instead of a kitty (the turtleneck SAVED ME!). I still won the 1st place PRIZE ($10 coupons!). Wowzers! The costume was the exact one you wore in Texas a couple of years later when you were 12. Except my skirt was to big for you so you went without it. You did use my fishnets though (tucked under!) and the marabou tail…

    What I DO recall about my childhood Halloween is that there were TONS of kids on the streets and the doorbell never stopped ringing. Those days are gone forever~


  4. Jim Smith

    The last time I can remember trick-or-treating was when I was about 12. We lived on a farm about 7 miles from the nearest town. My parents drove my sister and I into town and my sister who had outgrown trick-or-treating went to a party and they just left me on one of the corners on Main street and told me they’d pick me up at the same spot 2 hours later. I went on my way and went down every dark alley in that town searching out the “good” candy. It sounds so ridiculous today, but that’s just the way we rolled and no one was worse for wear.


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