5 great posts [november 19 2009]

How to Renew Blogging Enthusiasm from Becky McCray and Small Biz Survival.

Having a Ball from Betty Duffy. Mommies everywhere will love this photo essay!

Race for the Cure from A Day in the Life of a Crazed Mom. (Lots of great photos!)

Great Moments in Gen X History: Sesame Street from one of my all-time faves, Popcorn in My Bra.

That Winter of Discontent. This is a post from Melindaville. It is about drug addition, prostitution and a harsh Cleveland winter. This is for anyone daring and brave enough to connect with the pain of one stranger’s past. Of course, Melinda does not feel like a stranger to me. The great thing about her writing is she always puts the reader in rememberance of her unlikely survival.