30- and 40-something gen x men return to college

A Gen Xer in California lost his job as an insurance agent. In response, he went to work stringing Christmas lights to fund nursing school. Here is a video of the story

Last night, using Blogger’s new “next blog” function that is designed to take you to blogs similar in content to your own, I found a blog named 40-year-old freshman.

Today, my husband, a Gen Xer born in 1966, takes a final in his government accounting class. Like the 40-year-old freshman, he’s adding to an existing degree.

Did you know that the most recession proof individual is a woman over 30 with a college degree? I heard that reported on NPR last week. The same is not true for Gen X men. I’ve said it before. Gen X men have had a harder row to hoe than anyone is willing to report and that Gen X men are willing to admit. I know this because I worked next to them for nearly 20 years and I saw their stress and disappointments up close. I really believe the ship will turn around for them sooner than later. In fact, today, Reuters reports that based on the large number of Baby Boomers retiring, bank executive searches are soaring.


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    I really love the news story, I always have faith in people being good, I try to never lose site of that. My hubby is going back to school to, I think he is crazy, but he really likes it. Lastly, please be careful on that next blogger thing on Blogger, I used to use it all the time, but then one time last Sept it took me to a blog that delivered a Trojan virus and completely destroyed my laptop at work. My IT dept had to wipe it and rebuild it. I am not saying that Blogger hasn’t made security improvements since then, it was more than a year ago, but now I am freaked out to try it, which is sad because I used to love to find new blogs that way, but I simply won’t risk anymore.

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    Yeah. I think it is pretty tough being a GenX guy. Not just in terms of work but terms of gender roles. The Boomers may have talked,debated, protested and sang about equality among the sexes but GenXers are the ones doing it. We’re forging the path, hacking through the brush, finding a way. It can be tough sometimes. But rewarding too, especially in terms of spending time with my daughter.

    But, as with these other GenXer dudes, I too am heading back to school — Environmental Science. Just one course to start, see what all the hubbub is about. Or is it ballyhoo?

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    I have to agree. GenX guys have had a hard time. It seems that they entered the workforce during a severe recession and just after a wave of boomers and they have a hard time getting ahead.