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How Companies Can Retain Gen X Women

America is only as strong as her women. Right on.

America is only as strong as her women. Right on.

A couple years ago, Deanne DeMarco, an HR expert, wrote an article, 7 Strategies to Retain Gen X Women. Everything she wrote then is still relevant today. In fact, this article continues to get a lot of traffic across the Internet. Essentially, DeMarco says if companies want to retain the talent of the incomparable Gen X woman don’t discriminate against her. (Not exactly rocket science, folks.)

Here is an excerpt:

“…Sexual harassment. Legislation didn’t make sexual harassment disappear. In fact, according to the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, from 1992 to 2006, the number of sexual harassment lawsuits has increased by 14 percent. Gen-X women are those most affected.

Children. Gen-X women are having children later in life. Often, when they return to work from maternity leave, neither their job, their responsibilities, nor their clients were protected from take over by other workers. Also, Gen-X women want to spend time with their family, and they are finding it difficult to balance ca reer and household. They don’t want to repeat the divorce scenarios they witnessed while growing up and would rather earn less and take a less prestigious job so they ca n spend time with their family.

Earnings. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average woman still earns 80¢ to $1 of a man. And in many cases, men with lower edu ca tion levels and fewer years of experience still earn $10,000 more a year than Gen-X women…”

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