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How The Antique Biz Can Capture Gen-X

photo from zellaby via flickr
Gen Xers aren’t buying antique furniture, but given their early appetite for nostalgia, their interest in small collectibles, like antique Christmas ornaments, will only grow.
According to a recent article, How the Antique Business Can Recapture Gen X, antique dealers are in a quandary. Their customer base is shrinking; sales are plummeting and they are buried in inventory. The primary reason? Gen Xers, who want functionality, aren’t buying antiques.

Antique Christmas Ornaments

I really relate to this article. I love antiques and during the early 1990s, I started to amass quite a little collection, but I would never buy antiques now simply because they are impractical for my lifestyle. Kids and antiques don’t mix well. In addition, the article says, many antiques (like rolltop desks) don’t work well for things like computers. There is good news for those in the antique business, however; the market for accessories and occasional pieces is not waning. What do you think?

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  1. le @ whoopwhoop

    hello dear one … we have a roll top desk and it now works well with the laptop … but we left it in bris vegas as WW is no place for roll top anything … love the image matey le xoox

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