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Is Marketing the Cause of Overparenting?

In a recent blog post, Amy Tiemann, Ph.D., and author of Mojo Mom: Nurturing Yourself While Raising a Family asserts that marketing is an underlying root cause of overparenting. She is editing the forthcoming anthology Courageous Parenting.

Tiemann writes: “As our lives were actually getting safer, we were being sold new “problems” in order to sell us new ‘solutions.'”

What do you think? Is overparenting a Gen X phenomenon or are its roots found in Boomer market share and power-in-numbers? Why do I overparent? I agree only in part with Tiemann. I don’t think the problems we were sold were new. I think they were old problems for which Boomers and Silents found solutions. At the same time, our access to information grew and our heightened awareness followed. What normal parent, when presented with a way to prevent injury or harm physically or emotionally to their child would not act on it? Who would take unnecessary risks with their children when evil befalls in such random intervals? In this regard, the root cause of overparenting is fear. Marketers may very well have pandered to them. If that is the case, I, forgive them. I’m not sure I’d have it any other way.

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  1. jenX

    @LE – Oh my gosh! “I wish overparenting was an issue here in WW.” Wow. What a come uppins that is for all of us constantly offering up harsh evaluations of ourselves. You did the right thing. Of course you did! You are something great in WW, Le. It’s a mission. I’m so priviledg to know you.

  2. le @ whoopwhoop

    ohhh I relate to this statment – I think liability, legalities, legislation and the like have a lot to answer for (plus I was just having fun with the alliteration …)

    but seriously folks we know a lot more about ‘the evil out there’ so is it little wonder we cotton wool our kids ….

    so on Friday when a two year old was walking the streets along thru WW I grabbed him up … but I had to think for a nano second … how will I be judged for taking a child not mine off the streets to a safe environment …

    then I just thought how I would I judge myself when the child is sqaushed flat by a road train ..

    so take him I did.

    so I wish overparenting was an issue here in WW … le oxoxo

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