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Christmas 2009

Thank you for stopping by to check out some of my favorite Christmas pictures. I took some 500 pictures this season, so culling it down to these few was not easy.

The snow was coming down hard on Christmas Eve and we still hadn’t taken the kids to see Santa Claus. Thankfully, Santa kept his schedule at Outdoor World in Oklahoma City’s Bricktown. He was the best Santa ever! He saw the kids coming around the corner and reached for them.
The kids ran to him with open arms. He was just as glad to see them on that snowy day as they were to him!

We got stuck in the parking lot and a really nice cowboy helped push us out! It took us 30 minutes to make the mile drive home. These pictures will last forever and made it all worth it!

My son – not a baby anymore. I can’t believe it. He’s so tall for four-years-old and of all my kids, looks the most like my side of the family.

Looks like Christmas. See how tiny I made the picture? That’s because it’s one great big mess. We opened presents on Christmas Day around noon. Santa came that night.

Every baby should get a baby, right? This one came with her very own potty chair.

We always wear Halloween pajamas when we open Christmas presents. We’re very Norman Rockwell that way.

Now, this IS Norman Rockwell, except for the trash cans. =) This is my sweet neighbor’s picturesque house. It makes for a nice view out my front door.


Juliette (nice shamrock boxers) wearing a Rainforest Cafe T-shirt from our 2005 Cancun trip. That was only about five years ago. Should’t this have made into the Goodwill pile by now? Bridgy’s in the background playing with her new dolly house.

This was the morning of December 26. Sully is holding up one of the many die-cast Thomas the Trains Santa brought him. I’m trying to forget the reports about Thomas!

My Brunettes. Christmas night the girls slept in the same bed. They’re covered up with a quilt my mom made for Juliette. The children were nestled all snug…

We had Christmas Dinner the Sunday evening before Christmas. I’m so glad my mom was able to bring my dad. He got half way through his prayer, which meant a lot. And, Sully comforted him with his Winnie the Pooh and “bumpy” blanket. I love you, Dad.

Robert made a special trip to Westlake to buy this red sled the day before it snowed. Last year, we used the Okie Toboggan. This was taken on Christmas Eve while the heavens were still delivering Oklahoma’s record snowfall – 14.1 inches.I can’t believe we had a white Christmas!

This is as close to a four-wheeler as I will ever get. The boy, too! (Outdoor World, looking for Santa)

The iHome. Tweens dig this. Especially girl tweens. They like the pinkish-purpley color.

The iHome. Tweens dig this. Especially girl tweens. They like the pinkish-purpley color.

Presents from Uncle Billy. Getting a big box of presents is always fun! It was full of matchbox cars; books; Pez dispensers; stuffed animals that sing Christmas carols; silly string; candy, candy, candy and tooth brushes to boot. What an uncle!!!

Bridgy wearing big sissy’s dress from when she was two. I bought this dress for Juliette at Baby Gap, Christmas 1999. I kept it for Juliette, but also in hopes of having another little girl. Never give up! I was almost 40 when Bridgy was born. The dress is still like new. I love the ice-skate appliqué.

Finally, the snow cleared and my mom made it over with packages for everyone. Doesn’t she look cute in her knitted beret? I am so grateful for every Christmas with my loved ones. I will always wish for one more!

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  1. Hampers

    Lovely photo’s and everyone’s so happy! Thanks for sharing.

  2. le @ whoopwhoop

    Jen you always look skinny to me 🙂 love these images … thinking of you le xo

  3. Jim Smith

    Awesome!!! Looks like a great Christmas and perfectly documented by your camera skills. Thanks for sharing this set…it was a much needed shot in my arm.

  4. Hampers

    Nice blog with nice pictures of Christmas day. Glad to see that you had a great time on Christmas. It was nice going through your blog. Have a great New Year.

  5. kent fischer

    I’m sure this holiday for your family, is one for the history books, full of memories, full of warmth, and full of love for all.

    The Santa Picture of your daughter is just to precious…. (And thats not a term I normally use)

    On to a prosperous new year….

  6. Yogi♪♪♪

    Great photographs Jen. I love the two Santa shots. Your son looks just like you, your little daughter is such a doll.

    What is it about tents and little girls? My nieces all got indoor tents when they were little also and they just loved them. Come to think of it SuperPizzaBoy did also.

    I’m glad that your Dad could make Christmas Dinner.

    I got an ihome a couple years ago. I love it even though it is not a pink.

    If I haven’t said if before, Merry Christmas to you and your family Jen.


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