5 great posts: 1.18.2010

It’s been awhile since I did one of my 5 great posts features, which I promised to publish every Friday. I think the holidays have a way of getting us all off track in the Blogosphere, not to mention colds and flu. With that, here are some posts I hope you’ll take the time to check out.

From Red Fox Letter: Gen X women – they can have it all, but can they do it all? This is a great piece of writing.

From Misadventures with Andi: Booth babes at the Consumer Electronics Show. This is so degrading to women. Big props to Andi for being bold and bringing this to the attention of so many.

From Homefront Inspiration: This is a new blog started by dearest bloggie Le! I luv it looking at images of innovative, neat and beautiful stuff!

From Robert Frost’s Banjo: How High Moon. You need to read this poem.

Here is a terrific blog written by a Gen Xer, which I discovered recently: Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing.

Here are some people who said nice things about me recently:
Understanding Alice and Blogging4Jobs. I want to thank Understanding Alice for giving me an opportunity to guest post on her blog recently. Jessica at Blogging4Jobs surprised me (and made my day) earlier this month with a very kind mention. Jessica has written her first book, Tweet This! Twitter for Business. Check it out!


  1. Understanding Alice says

    Tis all good this blog thing isnt it? Always good to read your blog suggestions, I am as ever pointing people in the direction of your blog :)

  2. Jean W says

    Regarding the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this month: TWIT tech expert Leo LaPorte live-streamed much of CES this year. I was so proud that several times during the event Leo mentioned how inappropriate he found the employment of glamourous, scantily clad young women in today’s world. Go Leo. You can view the TWIT programs at http://twit.tv/ces/.

  3. says

    hey jen thanks matey for the shout out … too nice … I am off to read your others soon :)

    I am having lots of fun on the home front … as in the blog ..

    also fun at work – I have two days of training for the troops lined up .. I am excited to see how they respond :) talk soon le xox