5 great posts 1.22.10 (including Oklahoma’s polar bear plunge!)

Muriel writes about Oklahoma’s own Polar Bear Plunge! I might have to make a trip down to Medicine Park for this one. Did you know Muriel is the creator of Strawberry Shortcake, a favorite among Gen X girls far and wide!?

And, from the person who introduced me to Muriel, Tim, can you believe someone can get such a great shot form an iPhone? If you have time, visit his post, Merry Christmas from the Farm. The horses are breathtaking!

Neil Howe, who wrote Fourth Generation Turning, wrote a short post about Generation X and Senate reform. Talking about the filibuster he writes, “Wait until more Silent (born 1925-1942) are gone and more Generation X (born 1961-1981) have arrived. Pow! It will disappear overnight.”

The blogger at My Gen X has written a post about turning 40. It’s short and so worth the time it’ll take you to click through and read it.

Speaking of 40, check out Barry Trammel’s sports column in the Daily Oklahoman. It’s about Brett Favre who turned 40 some 100 or so days ago. Trammel is an older Xer – among the first who will turn 50 next year.

Popcorn in my Bra has written a review about a film that’s out on DVD, Blame it On Fidel. Check out her post!

This post is a longer read, but one of the most memorable pieces I’ve read in a long time. It’s written by Laurie who writes the blog You Must Take Your Chance.


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    I always enjoying lurking at those polar bear plunges but would NEVER do it – TOO cold! I loved the piece on turning 40 it was great!