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Fred Flintstone Smoking and Wilma Mowing The Lawn

Fred: They work so hard, Barney.
Barney: Yeah, I hate to see them work so hard.
Fred: Yeah, me, too. Let’s go around back where we can’t see them.

Fred Flintstone Smoking

Fred Flintstone Smoking With Barney Rubble.

I didn’t really like The Flinstones as a kid. Wilma and Fred were always grumpy or naggy; the men were generally dumb or lazy; Barney was way too short for Betty; they never changed their clothes and even Bamm Bamm was kind of annoying. Pebbles was sweet and cute, but you couldn’t make out a word she was saying. Seriously, the only likable character on the show was Dino, the umm, first purple dinosaur.

Fred Flintstone Smoking Cigarette

Fred Flintstone smoking a cigarette.

This commercial featuring Fred and Barney smoking Winston cigarettes is especially lame. They smoke while Wilma mows the lawn and Betty beats the dust out of a rug. At the end, even Wilma lights up.

The Flinstones aired from 1960-66, and this commercial only ran during the first two years, 1960-61. Most Xers will not remember it. Still, The Flinstones was an enormously popular show throughout Generation X‘s childhood. I know some of you probably loved them, but I was more of a Jetson’s girl!

Did you like The Flinstones? Do you remember TV ads for cigarettes? They were banned in 1971.

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