generation x is now on alltop. thanks, gen x files, guy kawasaki!

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Generation X is on Alltop. This is kind of a big deal.

Last summer, Dave, who blogs at the Gen X Files, published a post about Alltop, Guy Kawasaki’s online magazine rack for the Web. He wanted fellow Gen X bloggers to join him in an effort to get a Generation X category on Alltop. The site had Baby Boomers listed and Gen Y represented under the 20-something heading. It was a real bummer knowing the generations that proceed and follow Gen X were represented, but not us.

So, several of us went to work submitting sites and sending messages to Guy Kawasaki on Twitter. Now, more than six months later, Generation X is on Alltop. Thanks, Dave, and thanks, Guy.

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    @DAVE – I just went and double checked and you’re right. I can’t believe that. They put Pink Manhattan on, which is one I know YOU submitted, and they didn’t include yours? This is ridiculous. I will DM Guy and company. There is something so Gen X about the initiator being left off this list – it would be funny if it didn’t p. off so bad.

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    Congrats and thanks for pointing it out! Because I have not been blogging much lately it does not look like I am on the list (maybe that will change if I get back to blogging more often). But it is a great list and one that I will refer to often!