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My Husband Thinks Tesla is the Car for Gen-X

The first time I heard of Tesla was in 1989, about five years after the heavy-metal rock band emerged from Sacramento. I was working at a small factory in Oklahoma City and a guy who worked on the line with me wore Tesla concert T-shirts to work every. He kind of scared me, but I was a blanket of fresh-fallen snow, and even Stryper scared me, so there was that.
While Tesla, was not the flagship band of Generation X that Nirvana was, it was still a band for the slackers. So, when my husband came home last night and handed me a brochure and said this is the car for Generation X, I was a little puzzled. Like the band Tesla, the car is named after Nikola Tesla, the electrical engineer.
Now, I know this is going to surprise you, but Robert wasn’t exactly into heavy metal lol and had never heard of the band. Chances are you never have either. Rob was more into REM, U2 and the Echo and the Bunnymen, and until a year ago he drove a humongous white pickup, suitable for hauling horses, which we don’t own. So I asked him why he thought Tesla the car was so perfect for Generation X.
He tells me, because it can seat 7 people, has two trunks, and can do 0-60 mph in 5.8 seconds. He smiles and asks if I know what this means to a Gen X dads?
Tesla is currently taking reservations. Deliveries made in 2011. Base price:$50,000.
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  1. jen

    @MOM – Tesla – maybe not your kind of band. You’re more of a Robert Goulet kind of girl. =)))

  2. jen

    @FLCONFETTI – yeah, we’re like never going to be able afford that car. morally or financially. haha!

  3. jen

    @ALLY – We would have really gotten along well!!!

  4. FLConfetti

    But us Xers won’t be able to afford it until the Boomers get out of all the higher-paying upper level jobs!

    But seriously, your post would be marketing genius for that car!

  5. jen

    @ROB – you should have written this post. you’re so much more of an xer than me. shhh. don’t tell anyone. you’ll take over my race for patron saint of gen x.

  6. Anonymous

    Jen & Rob–
    You both crack me up.
    This TESLA I must see.
    Sounds like a wonderful way to travel.
    Hugs– Mom

  7. Anonymous

    Jen, Tesla created the car generation x will call its own. The car has everything we want: made in the USA, all electric (no gas needed thus no oil wars), over the top clean and efficient, I can get all of my family in the car plus nanny and with 0-60 in 5.8 seconds still knock the socks off of those “midlife crises” baby boomers in their porsches, oh and by the way with sports car like acceleration knock the knickers off of our wives too. OOOLALA. Rob.

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