10 Cultures Seen at Oklahoma City’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade

We had a great time! The kids really loved the Llamas!
I loved the Native American on the Harley Davidson with his
Nam 66 and Vietnam 67 patches. 
Nearly 12 percent of Oklahoma’s population is Irish.
More than 11 percent are Native American – primarily Cherokee. 
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Native America/Irish American Culture
Boy Scout and Girl Scout Culture
Oklahoma Czech Queen
Piggy Back Ride Culture
Celtic Culture
ROTC Culture
Bagpipe Culture
Absolute Innocense
Big Sis/Little Bro Culture
More Celtic Culture
Clown Culture
Llama Culture
Dog Culture
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  1. Anonymous says

    How Fun!

    I so love our Irish heritage and look forward to St. Paddy’s Day every year.

    Love the photos — especially “Absolute Innocence”–“Bis Sis and Bro” and “Doggie Culture.” (My Missy will be wearing her Green Shamrock hat when we visit the nursing home.) LOL

    Hugs– Mom