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A Gen X Bedtime Story

Once upon a time there were three little girls and they were all GenXers…

Open Salon has published an essay, Generation X Bedtime Story. It’s a thoughtful piece about three intelligent and ambitious Generation X women who grew up in the 80s and now going through a mid-30s life crisis. Here is an excerpt:

Becky mentioned that she had toiled in a variety of corporate operations positions, with a number of successful outfits that granted her incremental increases in title and salary. Becky would begin each role, flush with enthusiasm, only to find herself curiously bored and burnt out in two years or less. One could, in fact, set their clock by this pattern. In May 2009, after the death of a very close friend, she indulged the long haranguing voice that told her life was too short to let this cycle continue. She left corporate America to strike out as a freelance writer by night, publishing in a number of circles, then took a huge pay decrease to manage communications and social media for a human service coalition by day.

What realizations are you coming to about your own idealism? Does your bedtime story have a happy ending? Now several years into adulthood, how do you plan on living happily ever after?

Photo Credit: Alex Holzknecht via Flickr with Creative Commons

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