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Labor Day Weekend Remington Park Horse Races, 2010

Here are some pictures from our Labor Day Weekend adventures, which included OU football and the horse races at Remington Park. What did you do on Labor Day? Click here for 2009 pictures of Labor Day at Remington Park.


Cooling off after the opening race.

They didn’t write those lyrics about the wind coming sweeping down the plain for nothin’.

I got better pictures last year.

Labor Day is a great day to visit Remington Park. They have a lot of activities for families.
Sully and Bridgy had a good time on this ride, located on the grassy area west of the tracks.

On Saturday, Robert attended the OU’s season opener against Utah.
My nephew, Jayson, came up from Tennessee and attended with him.
He’s been serving in Iraq for the past year. Jayson was born in Oklahoma and loves OU.

Juliette is very close to her cousin Jayson. She prayed for him every day while he was serving in Iraq. We are all very glad to have him home. He’s a reservist with the Tennessee National Guard.

Juliette helped Bridgette dress her baby for OU’s opening game.

OU Sororities are in their future. How’d I get here? Go Jayhawks!

Just kidding!

I don’t bet. I just like looking at all these colors.
Especially when the horses jump out of them.

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  1. Debra W

    Wonderful photos! You look happy and healthy and sparkly, so I am sure that life is good:) Your children are growing up so beautifully! You should be very, very proud!



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