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For whom will Chiara Badano, Generation X Catholic Saint, intercede?

Chiara Badano with her best friend Chicca.

“Dad, When we have such a strong presence of Jesus in our midst, we’re the happiest family in the world.” 
Blessed Chiara “Luce” Badano


Generation X Catholic Saint

Last week, Chiara Badano (Luce), an Italian girl born in 1971, was beatified, the third of four steps leading to Catholic sainthood. Ursula Hennessey has written a post about this on Ricochet in which she asks if Badano will be Generation X’s first Catholic saint. A few dozen interesting comments follow.

Badano, who passed away in 1991, died a painful death. It was painful because she had bone cancer and refused pain medication so to further understand the sufferings of Christ. More about the life of Badano here and here.

Chiara Badano, age 6

Photo Credit: p4nd3r via Flickr with Creative Commons

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