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Yarn Guerrilla Art on the streets of OKC

I have been driving by this bent up three-legged steel barrier thing (former utility post?) at least once a week for the last eight years. Indeed, it is a homely old thing. The other day, I noticed someone decided to dress it up with a bunch of knitted and crocheted items. I found this oddly curious and decided to take some pictures of it.

What Is Guerrilla Art?

Turns out, this is a form of street art called guerrilla art. (Did you see my post on Xvala?) Guerilla art is art that is created anonymously and displayed without authorization in a public place.

Sometimes, guerrilla artists use art to make political statements or share ideas, but sometimes they simply want to have fun or create good karma. It can take many forms and includes everything from book or object leave-behinds and graffiti to sidewalk-chalk creations and pass-it-on journals.

I really love what this particular guerrilla artist did with this useless barrier. It instantly made me smile when I saw it. I imagined some Tasha Tudor look alike taking her knitting basket outside and wrapping those cold steel bars in colorful scarves for winter; however, it was probably a hipster!

Guerrilla Artist For A Day

You know, really, it takes very little effort to make the world a more beautiful place. Can you become a guerrilla artist for a day? What object can you leave behind? Is there a letter you need to write to a stranger? If you could create a sidewalk chalk drawing what would it be?

Click here to see more guerrilla art on this blog.

OKC Ward 2 Guerrilla Artist


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  1. HeyRay

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen a short retaining wall that I wanted to cover in colorful mosaic tiles under the cover of night.

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