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Bridgy Buys A Snowglobe

I got my first real snowglobe in 2000 when I was a single mom. At the time, Juliette was three and we lived alone on 57th Street. We loved that snowglobe! We’d sit on the carpet in our nearly empty house and I’d let her turn it upside down and shake it. We’d watch the snow float down oh so quickly, and then she’d turn it upside down and shake it fast and hard and we’d watch the snowfall once again.

When I unpack our Christmas decorations every year, I am most excited to put our snowglobes on the mantel. In 2001, I got another snowglobe, but I didn’t get another one until last year. They all came from the same place, B.C. Clark, a historic jewelry store in Oklahoma City.

Today, while Sullivan and Juliette enjoyed winter art camp at City Arts Center, I stole away with the Super Bridgy to B.C. Clark in downtown Oklahoma City to get another snowglobe. Bridgette is three, the same age Juliette was when I got my first snowglobe. When we walked passed the jewelry store window Bridgy peeked inside and asked me if it was Santa’s workshop. There were three snowglobes from which to choose. She selected the gingerbread house snowglobe. Good job, Super Bridgy!

Special thanks to B.C. Clark for letting me take pictures of Bridgy buying her first snowglobe. I’m not making this up. She said, “Mommy! Look at all the lovely things!”

You are lovely, Bridgy.

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  1. Debra W

    She is so adorable, Jen. I cannot believe how she has grown since the last time I stopped by:) Where does the time go?


  2. Yogi♪♪♪

    She has an eye for snowglobes. I love snowglobes. I don’t own any but I love them all the same.

  3. le@thirdontheright

    happy days my love ! she is a treasure – love to you and the whole fam for the xmas season and beyond into 2011 – best le xox

  4. Anonymous

    This is precious! What a wonderful tradition and memory in the making. Merry Christmas to you and Rob and ALL my ANGELS.
    Hugs– Mom


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