Encore presents 30 movies from the 80s December 24-26

Encore’s Big 80s Weekend starts tonight and continues through December 26. They’re showing 30 movies from the 1980s. Which ones have you still not seen?

Schedule (Eastern Time)

The Karate Kid 12/24/10 8:00pm
Fast Times at Ridgemont High 12/24/10 10:10pm
Bachelor Party 12/24/10 11:40pm
Creepshow 12/25/10 1:30am
Don’t You Forget About Me 12/25/10 3:35am
Nine to Five 12/25/10 4:50am
Harry and the Hendersons 12/25/10 6:45am
The Great Outdoors 12/25/10 8:40am
St. Elmo’s Fire 12/25/10 10:15am
Don’t You Forget About Me 12/25/10 12:05pm
The Breakfast Club 12/25/10 1:20pm
Three O’Clock High 12/25/10 3:00pm
Brewster’s Millions 12/25/10 4:35pm
Valley Girl 12/25/10 6:20pm
Revenge of the Nerds 12/25/10 8:00pm
The Blues Brothers 12/25/10 9:35pm
Class 12/25/10 11:50pm
Fright Night 12/26/10 1:30am
Strange Brew 12/26/10 3:20am
The Blues Brothers 12/26/10 5:00am
Raising Arizona 12/26/10 7:20am
Funny Farm 12/26/10 9:00am
The Legend of Billie Jean 12/26/10 10:50am
Lucas 12/26/10 12:30pm
Steel Magnolias 12/26/10 2:15pm
The Jewel of the Nile 12/26/10 4:20pm
The Big Chill 12/26/10 6:10pm
St. Elmo’s Fire 12/26/10 8:00pm
About Last Night 12/26/10 9:50pm
Superman II 12/26/10 11:45pm


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  1. says

    I continue to ask the ’80s gods why nobody ever shows “Oxford Blues” anymore, the forgotten Rob Lowe/Ally Sheedy movie. le sigh.