Jesus is a Liberal Democrat

A clip from and episode of Colbert Nation, Jesus is a Liberal Democrat, has been shared on social networking sites 219,494 times since it aired December 16. I thought I’d make it 219,495.


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  1. says

    @JIM – I didn’t realize until I got your comment that my mom’s comment published. That was unintentional, but now here it is.

    Anyway, I can’t speak for Colbert, but his style is always to undermine propaganda with satire. If this is sacrilege and blasphemy we’re all going to hell.

    Colbert has the distinction of being the only pundit who consistenly points to the Biblical teachings of Christ. I hope he keeps doing it.

    Ghandi advocated for socialism and communism. Mother Teresa was very political, although she claimed not to be. Joan of Arc? Who’s that? hahahaha!! =)

    Thanks for your comments. This blog’s comments section is dry bones, people. ;) You’ve livened it up.

    @ALICE – I love it when you call the Atlantic Ocean a pond. I’ll swim right over. =)))

  2. Jim Smith says

    Although I love Colbert and enjoyed watching this clip, I agree with much of your mom’s comment.

    And as much as I abhor the box that the religious right has put Jesus in, I appreciate the reminder that the box I would put him in is no less confining.

  3. Anonymous says


    This is not for posting, however, I do want to make a comment. I DO NOT like Colbert! And — I do not like grouping politics and Religion together.

    To state JESIS is a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT or a RIGHT- WING REPUBULICAN or a SOCIALIST is very distasteful to me. It borders on blasphemy.

    JESUS is in reality DIETY — GOD, SON & HOLY SPITIT. HE is kind, loving forgiving and PERFECT LOVE.
    To place HIM in the Political Arena is sacrilegious

    It’s my opinion — true. I just wonder if Colbert would lower himself to label Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Joan of Arc and a host of saints as such…

    Love you– Mom