Here Comes Peter Cottontail: 21 Easter Bunnies 1968-86

Easter yellow 3(Photo credit: JenX 67)I’ve posted through the share function on Flickr 21 images of gigantic and mostly creepy department-store Easter Bunnies. The dates range from 1968-86. All Rights Reserved on these photos. Attribution is as it appears on each owner’s Flickr’s page.

The Easter Bunny never really creeped me out as a kid. I loved him and always hoped to see him every year.

Easter is my favorite holiday. It is a religious occasion for me, and I treasure it more and more each year. I buy everyone in the family something new to wear and we take in a couple of egg hunts. I cook a giant meal or sometimes we go to a local restaurant for an Easter brunch. My mom always joins us and she brings along boiled eggs pickled and colored in beet juice – a favorite of her father’s.

My own father loved Easter. It was probably the happiest day of the entire year for him. He always wore a black suit and bought my mother an Easter corsage and me a chocolate bunny. I kept all his Easter cards over the years and I dig them out every year and read them.

My father’s Easter messages (he was a minister) were always simple. He often paid focus to Pilate, Mary, talk of Paradise and purple and vinegar and the thief on the cross. He never felt the need to get creative with this message, which these days I appreciate every much.

I can still see him standing in the sand dunes of West Texas. It is 5 a.m. on Easter morning, 1977, and we have driven to an abandoned drive-in movie theater. We are taking part in a community-wide sunrise Easter service, and he is preparing to read a Scripture. But, the sound system is not working and I can see that he is disappointed. Nobody can hear him, but I can hear him.

And, I heard him every day throughout my childhood:  “The love of God is greater far than any tongue can ever tell. It goes beyond the highest star and reaches to the lowest hell.”

Happy Easter, friends! I hope you see at least one weird, giant Easter bunny and I hope you experience the love of God like never before.

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