Plasticine hags and has Daria gone to H.E. Double Toothpicks?

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Callista Gingrich, 45

Salon has followed up a New York Times article about Callista Gingrich, 45, with a hilarious and sardonic commentary about the-presidential-hopeful’s wife. Here is an excerpt:

“But for many of us, the most baffling thing about Callista Gingrich can be summed up by the email an old friend sent me a few days ago. It asked one simple question: ‘This Plasticine hag is our age? THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.’ The Obamas and Sarah Palins, all in their late 40s, represent very different tail ends of the “hopey changey”…generation. But my fellow Gen Xers: Callista, God help us, belongs to us. It’s like Daria went completely to hell.”

When I laugh at things like this, I feel guilty. I start to question my own brazen ability to detach from humanity and laugh at her expense.

Gosh, it’s funny. Gosh, women can be mean to each other. Gosh, I wish I could have lunch with Mary Elizabeth Williams. Gosh, I have little interest in Callista Gingrich. Gosh, people like to preface confessions with “gosh.”

At any rate, Callista, 22 years Newt’s junior, has been branded and seared right into the Republican’s pursuit of his party’s nomination for president. Does anyone else remember when Reagan being divorced from Jane Wyman was a big deal? Times change. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but this was funny, too:

“Why, the Times wondered, is Gingrich so gung-ho that this woman — once portrayed exclusively as the home-wrecker who wrecked the home of his other home-wrecker wife…be such a major force in his bid for the White House? Why is she being touted as his possible “secret political weapon”? Could it be that the 22-years-younger little lady brings something fresh to his campaign?”

News Flash: Even in May-December relationships, Gen Xers aren’t young anymore.

Williams summed its it up like this:

“Every generation thinks it’s going to be the one that changes the world. And every generation, in its way, does. Mine may forever be synonymous with slackers, but I still believe in its best side: in its droll skepticism of political B.S., in a youthful fury that resonated from the Berlin Wall to Tiananmen Square to Prague, in Surfer Rosa and Bill Hicks. And I can’t help feeling a little sorry for – and a little scared of — a Beltway blonde who somehow missed it all.”

Gosh, Gen Xers love irony, until the irony is their lesser ironic selves. Gosh, what mercies bear reluctance?

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  1. Friar says

    Far be it from me to point out that a number of the criticisms leveled at Mrs. Gingrich by the enlightened folk at Salon deal with her looks — a gender-specific standard of judgment which, I believe, we are supposed to be past when discussing women in politics, business and the like.

    Wait; I just said what? Darnit. Not as far from me as I thought ;-)