Why Not Oklahoma? School Choice and Back-to-School Prayers

Catholic School Girl
The kids started back to school last Thursday. This is the last year they will all attend the same school, so I am savoring the joy of it all. 
Catholic School Girl UniformsNext year, Juliette will start high school! She is a marvelous student and has already accomplished more in 13 years than I accomplished in my first 26. I am so proud of her! She got braces this summer. I want to thank the State of Oklahoma for providing awesome insurance benefits through my husband’s work. Delta Dental covered $2,000 of her braces. Wow!
Like all siblings, they have their squabbles, but we work diligently to nurture their relationships with each other. I want them to be friends first, siblings second. I remind them often that God has placed each of them in the same home together for a very short amount of time. Childhood is so brief. Each of them will graduate into adulthood and leave this nest never to live under the same roof again. I want them to respect and love each other, and when necessary, sift themselves for jealousy, competition. All in all, they are very close and supportive of one another.
First Day of Kindergarden
Sullivan is a big kindergartner this year! He’s informed us that he wants to play ice hockey, so we’ll be starting him in ice skating lessons soon. Sully is a passionate little boy with a classic Irish temperament. He will be of great service to ice hockey one day. Ha!
Rosary School Oklahoma CityBridgette is in preschool. She was so excited to start school, but now says it’s boring, which translates to, “I miss being home with Mommy all day.” I miss you, too little Bridgy. 
Rosary School StudentsParochial school, which places high value on purity and charity, is the right choice for our family. We have certain challenges that are highly personal and about which I have never written, but they underscore the urgency with which we seek to provide a Christian learning environment for our children. This has meant making many sacrifices including not having iPhones; not taking vacations and driving unbelievably crummy cars for several years. We are grateful that we have had and continue to have the sacrifice to make. We could not do it outside the handiwork of God. 
Why Not Oklahoma
There is a campaign right now in Oklahoma to support school choice, Why Not Oklahoma. I have signed the petition and hope the campaign is successful. On top of spending thousands a year to provide a daily learning experience for my children that involves the teachings of Jesus, we also have to pay more than $2,600 a year in property taxes, a portion of which goes to public schools. We are not able to claim any of the school tuition we pay on our taxes. And, when I say we’ve driven bombed-out cars, we have at times hot glued and duct taped pieces of a car together! This year, we were able to buy a new vehicle, but it was a long time in coming.
Lord, protect my children this year during the long hours they are away from me. Show Yourself to them in special ways and help them to learn what they need to know to serve You and make the world a better place.
P.S. I meant to link to this unique Oklahoma blog, Kind of a Sideshow. It celebrates sibling relationships and has an awesome design. For these reasons it’s among my very favorites.   


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  1. Friar says

    “We are grateful that we have had and continue to have the sacrifice to make.”

    Saaaaaalute to you — and prayers for the Lord to awaken those who have made their sacrifice the other way; forgoing the best formation and education for their kids in order to have iPhones and vacations and new cars. ;-)