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Ghouls Gone Wild

One of my favorite bloggers, the travel blogger, Misadventures with Andi, published a post back in August that I really liked. It was a 7-links meme post in which she was tagged by another blogger to identify a series of past posts such as most beautiful post, most helpful post, etc. 

I don’t interact much with my blog community, so I thought it would be fun to launch this meme and tag a few of my favorite Oklahoma bloggers as well as a blogger outside the state. Have fun, friends! Here are my seven links: 

My Most Beautiful Post 

I think the most beautiful posts I’ve published are those featuring images from Oklahoma City parades, especially this one from the Halloween parade, Ghouls Gone Wild.  Here are more photos of that night in 2010 on Flickr.

My Most Popular Post

Pretend This Flip Flop is God

My most popular post in terms of traffic is one about the Harley Davidson 48 Sportster. People reach it through search engine queries and I’m sure they’re very disappointed when they reach it because it’s so short and doesn’t say much. My my most authentically popular post over the last year or so is Pretend this Flip Flop is God.

When I re-read this post, I didn’t care for it very much until I got to the last line and realized it’s why I wrote it.

My Most Controversial Post
I’ve written quite a few controversial posts over the last three or four years. The post I See Sally was one, and it is one of my longer pieces. In fact, it takes me a long time to make my point in this post so it’s only for the most committed reader. Ha! It’s about the ruthless self-promotion of politics in the name of Christ, and more importantly, the mercy and not the sacrifice God desires from each of us. 

My Most Helpful Post

Workplace Flexibility

I’ve written quite a few times on work-life balance and workplace flexibility. These are search engine queries that consistently send people to my site. I think raising awareness about this is helpful. Here is a post on the White House forum on workplace flexibility.

I’m going to push a little beyond seven links here because I think the most helpful stuff I write on this site is about Generation X men. Here is one on Fatherless Generation. Here are all of the posts tagged “Gen X Men.” 

A Post I Didn’t Think Got the Attention it Deserved 
2 a.m. and Cigarettes

Also in 2009, I wrote a short post titled 2 a.m. and Cigarettes. It’s still one of my all-time favorites. It’s about prayer. What I like about it is the person praying is smoking — something many of the evangelicals I grew up around believed prevented someone from communicating with God. In this post the inhale and the exhale of the cigarette is the prayer.

The Post I’m Most Proud Of 

Mexican Food Truck, Cowboy Boots

I am most proud of one of my most recent posts, Mexican Cowgirls and the LaPariente Food Truck. I’m proud of it because after I posted it a friend told me he thought it helped people who normally don’t appreciate Oklahoma City’s Hispanic community to see it in a new, positive light. This was purely accidental as I’ve been fascinated with the growing Hispanic culture in OKC since 1991. That was the year I ventured over to the Capitol Hill district to write a review for Alex Restaurant. I’ve been a frequent visitor of this area of town ever since. By the way, it took me at least a year to get the nerve up to take my camera inside the cowboy boot store and ask to photograph all those delicious boots. Also, seeing Sully dive his hand into the ice cold water of the Mexican food truck, and taste his first Jarrito is a memory I will always cherish. 

A Post Whose Success Surprised Me
The Mornings Are Perfect

I was surprised by the amount of attention this 2009 post, The Mornings Are Perfect, received. It was about Sullivan and Bridgette and the daily trials of parenting.

Tagged for this meme:
Jeremy and Kathleen
Yogi’s Den
Friar’s Fires
Fourth-Grade Nothing


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    I love making it your own and supporting local bloggers! You picked some excellent posts and I can’t disagree with any!

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    Its lunch and I was looking at your links thinking, yeah, I remember that one, and yeah that one was great also, and I’ll have to check that one out, and then at the end I see “Yogi’s Den”

    What, go back and reread. It’s a meme. A great one also. Thanks for tagging me! I’ll work on it.