Tucker’s Onion Burgers

Vintage Drink Machine at Tucker's
I love these vintage-style drink machines. They remind me of the percolating punch, K-Mart deli days of lore.

Robert and I got an early peek at Tucker’s Onion Burgers yesterday, the latest invention of restaurant entrepreneurs Keith and Heather Paul of the Good Egg Dining Group. Named after their beloved Mastiff, Tucker, the new burger joint further anchors revitalization efforts in Oklahoma City’s Uptown District.

Neon Sign at Tucker's Onion Burgers
I feel obligated to mention that much of the Uptown Revitalization efforts in Oklahoma City is the work of Generation X entrepreneurs and community organizers. This district still has a fair distance to go, but it has come a long way since I first moved to the area in 1991.
Red umbrellas at Tucker's Onion Burgers
Tucker’s Onion Burgers has transformed the corner of NW 23rd and Hudson from an eyesore (bombed-out, vacant convenient store) into this. Within walking distance of our home, I think we’ll be spending a lot of time on this patio.
Tucker's Onion Burger
This will fix you right up. I ordered the turkey burger. It was perfect. All those onions. Yum. 

The root beer is a nod to another Good Egg Dining Group favorite, Pops on Route 66.

Fresh-faced and friendly staff. Who can beat it?
I dig the vintage hexagon tile *and* this woman’s purple shoes. 

Orders are taken on white paper sacks. That’s Robert in the background sucking down a strawberry shake!

Now, if the Good Egg Dining Group could just buy all of NW 23rd Street, Uptown would be set. 

Many thanks to this person for making our early visit to Tucker’s Onion Burgers possible!


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