Core of Occupy Wall Street: Overeducated and Underemployed

The corner of Wall Street and Broadway, showin...Image via Wikipedia“I don’t mind being hated, but I hate being misunderstood.” 

A war of words broke out on Mat Honan’s Tumblr site, Emptyage, yesterday after he posted (more or less) a memo to Generation Y. In summary, he told them Generation X is sick of their bull sh*t; sick of hearing how hard of a time they are having. Honan clarifies in the end that we’re all in this (global recession) together, but the dialogue between X and Y is interesting to say the least. At last check, the post had drawn 1,299 comments.

Today, The Daily Beast ran an article by Paul Campos, Occupy Wall Street: Why Baby Boomers Don’t Understand the Protest. He calls Boomers the Clueless Generation and then supports the insult with a few key facts. I really like his description of the core of the Occupy Wall Street movement: young, overeducated, and underemployed Americans. Go read it.

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