Tokidoki Barbie Not Mattel’s First Tattoo Barbie

Tattoo Barbie

Tattoo Barbie Tokidoki

When I came across a post about Tattoo Barbie on the blog, Sitting On The Edge of the Sandbox, Biting My Tongue, I honestly thought it was a Photoshop job. But, no, this is the real thing.
Starting at $425 on Amazon, Mattel created the limited edition Tokidoki Barbie with the adult collector in mind.


Tattoo Barbie Ken Doll
Tattoo Barbie Ken


Native American Ken Doll (Sun Colors Kocoum with Tattoos)

Tinker*Tailor loves Lalka via Flickr This, however, is not the first tattooed Barbie Mattel has created. Way back in 1995, they introduced #13330 or Sun Colors Kocoum from Disney’s Pocohantas. He looks astonishingly like my husband Robert, who is half Irish and half Achumawi (Pit River Indian).

Achumawi Indian
Me and my Achumawi Indian

This year, he finally agreed to wear a long black wig for me for Halloween. I wore the prairie girl costume my mom made me in the 6th grade and Rob went as my Native American prisoner. We’re politically correct like that. Next year, we’re going as 19th Century Irish immigrants that all other immigrants refuse to hire.

I digress…

I don’t have any tattoos, and while I don’t have plans to get any, never say never, right?

I love what my friend Louisa told my 14-year-old daughter, Juliette, about permanent body markings: “Years ago, I was thinking about getting a tattoo and so I told my day. You know what he said? ‘Don’t you think you’re original enough?’

Juliette and I now quote Louisa quoting her dad all the time.

Would you buy a tattoo Barbie or Tokidoki Barbie for your child?

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    Many thanks for the link. I don’t have any tattoos either. I flirted with the idea in my early 20s, but the only images I could think of putting on myself were superficial. If something is near and dear to me, I already have it in my heart, I don’t need it inked.

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