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School Christmas Program (Rit Dye To The Rescue)

For today in the City of David 
There has been born for you a Savior, 
Who is Christ the Lord.

–From Luke, the Physician and Apostle

The kids had their School Christmas program Friday night. I was so happy to have these little ones in my trust and care. Sullivan was a king and Bridgette was a sheep. (Juliette attends the same school, but 8th graders don’t participate. Bummer.)

I try not to be one of those moms who go completely overboard on the costumes making all the other parents feel like losers because they didn’t do enough. On the same token, every once in awhile I like to pretend I’m a mommy blogger (ha!) and do something super domestic. These are the moments in life that are most important of all. I won’t always have the privilege of coming up with a makeshift sheep costume or dying a bathrobe purple.

So, the last thing I needed to do on Friday was thrift store hop in hopes of finding a suitable robe to dye. But, I got lucky on my first stop at the Salvation Army store at 10th and Penn in Oklahoma City. I picked up purple Rit Dye and gold duct tape at Wal-Mart, and 90 minutes later we had our king robe.

I have no idea why they suggest adding salt to the dye bath, but we did it.
Ohhhh, bokeh in my dye bath. I love you, Rit.
Sully, you made a great king. You are a great boy and it is a great and mysterious adventure being your mom!
Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus.
My Super Bridgy. I love you, little lamb!
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  1. jennifer

    @YOGI – It must be true of every mother and son – the mystery part. I don’t think I’ll ever understand his love and affection for me. It’s one of my favorite gifts of all!

    @TERRITORY MOM – Thank you. I’m not much of a craft-innovator.

    @ROSE BYRD – Thank you! I definitely have a weakness for sap and sentimentality. =)

    @JENNIFER K – Thank you, dear! I always love to see you here.

    @LE – Clever – one of my favorite words. I wish it applied to me more!

  2. le@thirdontheright

    aww love these Jen 🙂 great outfits you clever moomy you – best le xox

  3. Jennifer K

    What adorable pics of your children. I bet they were great. I’m totally looking forward to seeing my niece and nephew for the holidays.

  4. Territory Mom

    Great job! They are so adorable. I love thirft stores. They have hidden treasures!

  5. Yogi♪♪♪

    You know you could be a mommy blogger.

    I love “…it is a great and mysterious adventure being your mom”

  6. Rose Byrd

    This is beyong precious. Thank goodness you gave me break from sentimental tears of joy at memories of my own children’s Christmas plays with the cute pics and comments about the Rit dye experiences!


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