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This Oklahoma Life: Red Berries

Arcadia, Oklahoma | Route 66 | Red Berries | November 2011 | jenx67 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Located just two blocks north of Route 66 in Arcadia, Oklahoma, this fence is a perfect display case for a vine of red berries.Known as Carolina Coralbead or Redberry Moonseed, they are poisonous, but not fatal.I don’t think I’ll take any chances.



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  1. jennifer

    @ROSE – Birds?? Are they OK for birds? I wish I had a better commenting system. I like the way yours is on WordPress where the conversation indents. Maybe I’ll reinstall Disqus.

  2. Rose Byrd

    Gorgeous for late autumn/lead up to Christmas. This fence is already decorated! Great, great photo! Thanks for sharing. These berries poisonous to humans but fine for… you know?

  3. Anonymous

    Those berries look just like my dessert today!

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