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Everything Will Be OK Graffiti

I came across this graffiti in a local arts district in January 2012. The graffiti stencil of a little boy laughing appeared overnight on several buildings. The graff artist also included a special message, “Everything will be OK.”

It meant a lot to me then and I felt so lucky at the time to have been one of the first locals to have spotted it. It was early in the morning and I had my camera with me. I shot these pictures and later blogged about it. That post was shared so many times when I was writing on Blogspot, which later became known as Blogger. I always thought the graffiti artist might reach out to me but I never heard from anyone.

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  1. Wicked Mike

    We have them appearing all over Knysna, our little town on the Garden Route in South Africa:) They have been seen in 2 neighbouring towns too. I’ve collected some photos and will post a blog this coming week.

  2. jenx67

    I think these words are so powerful. I started documenting graffiti for a lot of reasons, and through this journey, I’ve come to see it so differently. These words are Biblical: No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us…and dozens more. Happy New Year!!

  3. territorymom

    I love this!  My friend makes fun of me because I always say, “Everything’s going to be okay”.  She’ll tell me her problems then she will say, well I have friend that says, “everything’s going to be okay.  So funny.  Happy New Year friend.

  4. jenx67

    No, I have no idea. They were all in a two-block area of OKC’s Ward 2 – on the fringe of an arts district called Paseo. They reversed the stencil of the laughing boy in a couple places. I think as a collection they do make an interesting statement. It’s almost personal. I wish I knew what was going to be OK. “Everything will be OK.” It’s a bit of a mixed bag in terms of presentation in the concrete jungle.

  5. Andi Fisher

    Amazing that you found these in so many places? Do you know the story behind it?

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