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Storm Drain Graffiti

Storm Drain Graffiti

Storm Drain Graffiti near Belle Isle Bridge in OKC

Dear Mom,

I thought it was time I come clean and confess to you the three illegal activities I’ve engaged in during my lifetime.

1) In 1987, I accompanied friends on a quest to remove a handicap parking sign from Bethany First Church of the Nazarene. We propped it against the car of a college friend who’d broken her leg. Her name was Trica. She did not think it was funny.

2) The same year, my friends and I removed a portrait of Christ from the library at Southern Nazarene University and relocated it to a more meaningful location on campus. The librarians did not think it was funny.

3) Two weeks ago, I trespassed to get this photo of storm drain graffiti.

Don’t be mad at me, Mom, for taking so many unnecessary risks with my life. I just thought it was so clever and I wanted to get a picture.

Storm Drain Graffiti

Storm Drain Graffiti near Belle Isle Bridge in OKC

Storm Drain Graffiti

Storm Drain Graffiti

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  1. jenx67

    Thanks, Mom!

  2. Yogi

    You are an Urban Explorer!? You rebel.

    Come to Tulsa, I need somebody to help me find a geocache in the Elm Creek tunnel. I bet there is graffiti down there.

  3. jenx67

    ROLOL. Cattle crossing in front of teachers’ lounge. That made me laugh!! Pranksters span the generations!

  4. Rose Byrd

    Gotta love ya, Jen!  Relocating items to more “appropriate” locations is something all students do, it would seem.  We won’t even go there about moving farm neighbor’s No Trespassing Signs to their outhouses, now will we?  And cattle crossing signs to the entrance by the teachers’ lounge?  Oh, no!  Love you getting this really perky and cheerful storm drain graffiti shot!

  5. Andi Fisher

    Love it but so not ready to write my own ‘Dear Mom’ letter yet!!!

  6. Bhelenmartin1034

    You take too many risks.  I can’t believe you did all these things.  LOL  It’s a good thing you were on private property.  If you had be caught —  you would have been given a slap on the wrist.  I the public domain —  It would have been a huge fine.
    My Advice:  Don’t do it again.  (Your kids will be watching you.)  He He He
    Love the Storm Drain Art!
    Hugs–  Mom

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