Shamrock Shake Sighting

McDonald's Shamrock Shake Sighting
Shamrock Shake Sighting | Bricktown McDonald’s | OKC
Uncle O'Grimacey from McDonalds's.
Uncle O’Grimacey

 McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Sighting

We had our first Shamrock Shake Sighting today at the Bricktown McDonald’s in Oklahoma City. The Super Bridgy was with me as I promised I’d pick her up from preschool early and spend part of the afternoon with her.

I loved Shamrock Shakes as a kid, although they were a lot better than they are now. Not to burst anyone’s Shamrock Shake bubble, but the few times I’ve bought them over the past couple of years, they haven’t been completely frozen or mixed. The green swirling dye is a bit unappetizing. Bridgy didn’t seem to mind though, but wow! These things are sooooo sweet.

Recipe for Shamrock Shake

1 1/2 cups frozen vanilla yogurt
1/2 cup skim, organic milk
10 drops green food coloring
1 teaspoon peppermint extract or 1/2 cup pulverized peppermints (I use my magic bullet!)
Whipped cream (optional)
1 red maraschino cherry

Mix the first four ingredients together and then top with whipped cream and a cherry. Yum!

When’s the last time  you had a Shamrock Shake Sighting?

Here’s a vintage commercial featuring the Shamrock Shake. I love the girl’s green McDonald’s uniform!

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  1. Fourbosts says

    Because of this post, my son and I drove over to Bricktown for our first Shamrock Shakes. We loved them! At the end we had a contest to see who could eat the cherry without removing the lid or touching the cherry with hands. Thanks for the memories!