The Business of Blogging and the Eyeball Rolling Brigade [Infographic]

[Infographic Monday]

According to this infographic created by the ODM Group (a digital marketing company) businesses that blog have 400 percent more pages indexed by Google and 55 percent more traffic to their websites than businesses who don’t. This is why the majority of small businesses are now blogging.

Still, many businesses and entrepreneurs resist blogging. Probably because self-publishing has less perceived value than traditional publishing and media coverage.

Through blogging, I now have the opportunity to create weekly community-focused commentary on Oklahoma public radio, KOSU Radio (91.7 in Oklahoma City). I hope you don’t get tired of me reminding you, because it takes a lot of work to build a new media property. I’ll be on tomorrow at 7:35 a.m. talking about (among other things) Spring Break, Jarritos and what happened on my way to a footbridge.

At some point, every creative person must come to terms with the the eye-ball rolling and tisk-tisk brigade. The formation includes three battalions representing your friends, your family and your coworkers. If you believe in your message and your craft, you will be able to keep creating despite those who frown upon your work or roll their eyes at the stupid things they think you create.

Benefits of Blogging

Many thanks to the ODM Group, a Digital Marketing Company, for creating this infographic about the business of blogging. Click here to visit their site.


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    Interesting. I hear buzz from some of my friends about  blogging as a living. When I ask them what they mean they tell me by selling ads. I wish them well but I think they would have more luck selling themselves in their blog rather than selling ads.

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    I am experiencing an entire wonderful new life through blogging, Facebook  and Twitter!  Wonderful to have your affirmation here so specifically in this infographics!  Thank you, thank you, blessed Jen!

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