This Oklahoma Life: Beware of Dog

Beware of Dog Sign
SW 29th east of Western Avenue

Woof. Woof. I’m positive his name is Vicious.

I am having too much fun with photography, friends. I am working on my first card collection not to mention the somewhat fledgling Oklahoma Color Project and This Oklahoma Life. Also, Graffiti Wednesdays. Woohoo!

Last Friday, I landed within two feet
of a moving train with knock-your-socks off graffiti. I have come to the conclusion that I will run out of Wednesdays before I run out of pictures of inebriating graffiti. City councils the world over give thanks.

But, seriously, the Super Bridgy and I exceeded the speed limit by 10 to catch the train, and then it STOPPED! Yea! And, I pulled into the middle of an empty field off Broadway and snap, snap, snap. I didn’t even get run over. So, check back tomorrow to see it!

We bursted out of class. Had to get away from those fools…
(From Springsteen and No Surrender)

I want every day to be Graffiti Wednesday.

Finally, believe it or not, I actually work for a living, and yes, I work 80 hours a week, which is what you do when you work from home so you can prove to everyone you really are working 40. *Sigh*

Right now, I am most excited about my new gig on KOSU Radio every Tuesday morning at 7:35 a.m. Here’s a link to listen to today’s commentary on the best people ever with nods to nuns, medics, engineers, B’nai B’rith and Braums. Bear with  me as I grow more comfortable with the transfer of my writing to radio.

Anyway, the world is full of stories. Do you have one you want to share with me? Email me at jenx67[at]cox[dot]net.

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  1. jenx67 says

    I loved your photo of the day, and all your photography, especially the way you photograph exotic food. I hope you don’t stop posting your colorful pics and the macro stuff altogether.

  2. says

    I love the photography and you have found a wonderful way to work it into your blog naturally, I have yet to achieve the same success and have ended my Photo of the Day series as it wasn’t that well received so I will have to think of other ways to incorporate it as it is a new love of mine as well.

  3. Gracie says

    Hi Jen–
    Love the photo of the doggie —  I think the chain-link fence is more intimidating.
    Love the Rainbow Graffiti  —  Bridgy looks ‘frightfully ferice’ with her cherub grin. (LOL)
    Love it!  Love it!

  4. says

    So very exuberant you are!  That little dog certainly does not look that intimidating does he?  And your daughter is just way too cute!  I don’t think she is going to frighten anyone with that snarl, do you?  I  just want to hug her in cyberspace! 

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