Union Pacific, Gaddafi and St. Patrick’s Day Graffiti

Passing trains that have no name,
and freight yards full of of old black men
And the graveyards of their rusted automobiles.
Good morning America, how are you?
From Arlo Guthrie and The City of New Orleans

Train Graffiti
I shot this photo in late February. The barbwire, signature tall prairie grass, red, white and blue logo of Union Pacific and the nostalgia of trains create an odd feeling of patriotism.

Have you seen any cool graffiti this week?

If you’re looking for an interesting adventure this Easter season, head on over to SW 25th Street in Oklahoma City (east of Western Avenue) to see a mural highlighting Christ and the Stations of the Cross. It was done by a graff writer in town named Jeremiah. I love it. Click here to see my post about it.

St. Patrick’s Day Graffiti

Also, I know that March and St. Patrick’s Day have both passed, but I wanted to go ahead and post this picture of some very cool. St. Patrick’s Day graffiti that was done in the permission zone adjacent to Automobile Alley. I’ve referenced it in several recent posts.

St. Patrick's Day Graffiti Oklahoma City

GaDDafi GraFFiti

Finally, before he becomes too much of a distant memory, here is some graffiti in that same permission zone of Gaddafi (a stencil). The repetition of consonants in the evil dictator’s name makes it oddly similar to the word, graffiti. Weird.

Gaddafi Graffiti Stencil, Oklahoma City

Here’s one more for the road. This alley is actually very inviting, but this 55 gallon drum with graffiti looks like something from the salt mines of New York City. Better yet, it looks like something from OKC’s Mulligan Flats, circa 1995. Tenants burned trash in the drums to stay warm in winter. That’s what my case manager friends told me anyway. They were always bumming me for money for blankets. #TrueStory

Alleyway Graffiti

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  1. says

    Cool shots of very cool street art! I love how you prefaced the post with Arlo. Groovy. 😉

    “Have you seen any cool graffiti this week?”

    In fact, just this past week I was on a bus going through the NE part of Paris and there is a street with some amazing street art on some old walls of buildings that are condemned. It made me think of you and Graffiti Wednesday, and I vowed to eventually get over there and take some photos! Soon, I hope. There is a lot of construction in that area, and I keep thinking that wall of art is going to come down soon. I need to hop on it. I’ll be sure to let you know if I do!

  2. says

    As always, I just soak up the fun of each of your Graffiti Wednesday’s.  We actually have more than one trash barretl graffitied in our town here, permission granted or no!  I love the creativity and talent I am always amazed and inspired by.

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