Hary Ape!

[Graffiti Wednesday]

The pink letters in the lower lefthand side spell “Hary,” as in the graff writer Hary Ape. Hello, Hary.

I first noticed this graffiti on concrete retaining wall (?) east of I-235 in August. I don’t know how long this has been there, but it’s becoming quite the graffiti zone. I don’t think this is being done with permission, but I could be wrong.

A few days ago, I noticed that this new graffiti has been added.

These interlocking letters are pretty cool!

It appears that a lot of this was done by a graff writer who calls him or herself Hary Ape.

More from Hary Ape.

I’ve been wrapping up my research this week on graffiti in preparation of publication of my first eBook on the subject. I’ve been finishing the section on free or permission zones. It’s not exactly been encouraging. Many cities across the United States, like Huntington Beach, California, have established free walls for graff writers. Unfortunately, they’ve hence documented a 300 percent rise in graffiti in that area.

Here are three resources you might find interesting.

Anti Graffiti FAQ
No Graf Network
Graffiti “Free” or “Sanctioned” Walls Vignettes from All Over

I still think reaching out to graff writers is important and I don’t think free zones can be completely written off. I think they are interesting and they give talented artists an opportunity to exhibit their work in a sanctioned area where people like me don’t have to feel so bad for loving something that is generally so frowned upon.

What interesting graffiti have you seen this week? Use the linky below to post your URL.


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  1. says

    Jen, it really is unfortunate that the free zones get overloaded so quickly.  I love the very concept of a graffiti artist calling themselves “Hary Ape”!

  2. Fourbosts says

    One thing I don’t like about graffiti is I can’t read it. I was surprised to learn that pink think said “Hary”. Perhaps your ebook could translate for us.

    I do think some graffiti is cool and artistic, but it is not cool to use somebody else’s property without permission. For instance, that gang symbol spray painted on my front porch did little to improve neighborly relations.

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