Peeps Come Into Your Life For A Reason

Peeps, Marshmallow Treats
Peep Dogg | Rappin’ in the 405 | a.k.a. Oklahoma City | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, jenx67

Peeps come into your life for a reason. That reason is Easter. This, however, is not a Peep. This is a Peep knock-off, also known as a “marshmallow treat.” Also known as Peep Doggy Dog. Except my 14-year-old tells me it’s Snoop Dog these days. She doesn’t even remember when his middle name was Doggy.

Happy Easter, Everybody! It’s been a wonderful weekend for our family with many special moments I will cherish for the rest of my life. Most of the time, the bad stuff is too private to share, but sometimes, the same holds true for the good stuff! I feel like that tonight.


Irish Easter Blessing
At the breaking of the Easter dawn
may the Risen Saviour bless your home
with grace and peace from above,
with joy and laughter, and with love
And when night is nigh, and day is done
Make He keep you safe from all harm.



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    I have never, ever seen these and it looks adorable.  I looked at the “regular” peeps in the store and almost bought some for nostalic sake, but then I think about that is just a whole bunch of chemicals and nothing natural and I just can’t do it!

  2. says

    Oh, dear sister Jen, you brought a tear of joy into my eye upon reading this Irish Easter Blessing!  How wonderful of your to share this with us–that is exactly what I wish for you and your wonderful family this Easter Week!

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